Monthly Archives: May 2005

Time to pick the cherries 2

It's cherry pickin' time in KY. We weren't able to immediately recognize the trees on our property last year and we were so shocked to see the little red cherries growing. We were just fascinated by watching them grow and change to a deeper color. Being rookies we didn't realize that the birds were watching […]

The Early Bird Gets the Worm 2

After living out here in the country for over a year now, you would think that I would have learned by now that people wake up earlier out here.  They don't just wake up – they get dressed and get to work.  They will even come by someone else's house that early.    Unfortunately I […]

The Stray Horse – part 3 4

The Reward –   Almost exactly a week after this stray horse came running up to our fence, we saw a Lost Horse ad in our local newspaper.  The description fit Bob.  My husband called and questioned the people very carefully before acknowledging that this indeed was their horse.  The family was sooo appreciative.    […]

The Stray Horse – part 2

The Search –   Our more experienced horse friends came over to help us with the fiasco/adventure.  Here’s homeschooling at its finest.  Two homeschool moms and 5 kids looking through our horse books to try and identify the breed, age of teeth, etc.  We decided that he was a gelding, looked to be healthy, maybe […]

The Stray Horse

You know that saying. “You just never know what a day will bring”?  Well one day, it brought a stray horse to our farm.    My oldest son was doing some schoolwork when he looked out our front window.  He said, “Mom, there’s a horse just running down the road!”  I was pretty sure that […]