The Stray Horse – part 2

The Search –


Our more experienced horse friends came over to help us with the fiasco/adventure.  Here’s homeschooling at its finest.  Two homeschool moms and 5 kids looking through our horse books to try and identify the breed, age of teeth, etc.  We decided that he was a gelding, looked to be healthy, maybe 5 years old or so and seemed to have been handled before.  Meanwhile my husband started driving about a 5 mile radius around our horse asking if anyone was missing a horse.  Nothing…


So… what do you do with a stray horse?  We’d never had that problem before.  Word had gotten around our little community and other neighbors came to check out the stray horse.  They just kept saying, “Well, in all my years, we’ve never had a stray horse out here.  I guess if it was going to happen to anyone, it would happen to you all.”  They laugh at us because they love us right?


We decided to put the stray horse that we’re now calling Bob into an empty stall in the barn across from Billy.  Surely someone would show up the next day.  Nope.


We introduced the horses and fortunately they did well together.  Unfortunately our fences are enough for an old horse, not a young energetic one.  Sure enough Bob found a low spot and went over and there went our Billy running behind him.  They actually looked really pretty running through the field, but uh oh, Bob had already gotten away from his home, we didn’t want our horse running off as well.


It’s time to wrangle those horses back in the pasture.  Yee-haw!  I get the 3 year old in the SUV and the other boys get on their 4 wheelers and we begin the process of trying to herd them back to the barn.  Fortunately our Billy likes his favorite paths and his barn, so he came and then Bob followed.  But then of course, we had to do a little fence repair to keep from losing them again.  There goes a whole morning.  Let’s see… what subject can we count that experience towards…?


We started wondering if Bob was a hard headed, fence jumping horse that someone just finally said, “Good riddance” to. It seemed as if no one was looking for him.  We called local veterinarians to report a found horse and everyone enjoyed the story, but it was baffling.  I mean we wanted another horse and if God was giving us a free one this way, we were open to it, but was he really ours?

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