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The Garden is Growing

It's kind of amazing to look out and see those little green sprouts shooting up from the ground where we planted seeds.  I guess I'm just always kind of amazed when we get anything to grow.  We are such rookies.  I can spend so much time researching what to plant, when & with what companion plants that I procrastinate and don't actually get the seeds in the ground.  Finally out of sheer frustration from looking at that beautifully tilled garden spot, my husband & boys will get out there and just start planting.  They may not even bother to read the seed packages or look things up in the books, but they'll get them planted.


And that amazes me.  I have so much to learn about just getting in there and doing things, instead of sitting back and analyzing things to death.  Because we have planted late, we might not get the best harvest, but will get 100% more than we would have gotten with my good intentions not planted. 


I think the Nike ad – Just Do It – had the right idea.  Sometimes we have to quit being perfectionists and just do it!  God is so gracious to bless us with anything that grows in that garden.  It reminds me of how we need to just do something when we're getting “behind” with school work or housework or anything really. 


I had been so excited about having a garden.  We had been composting chicken droppings, horse manure and plant stuff so we'd have this great rich soil.  I bought the Farmer's Almanac so I could try to figure out the proper time to plant.  We asked people which varieties of plants did well around here.  But when planting time came, I wasn't feeling well. Then I started to feel guilty because that kept us from planting things at the proper time.  Then it would rain and we'd have to wait for things to dry out.  Then we'd need to till again because the grass would have started growing in the meantime.  I felt like such a failure every time I looked out there and saw that unplanted garden spot.


But God knew what He was doing when He gave me the husband and boys that He did.  When I'm ready to throw in the towel, they get in there and “just do it”.  And God honors that.  As I'm watching tomatoes ripen and the other plants sprouting, I'm thankful.  It is all so much more than I deserve. 

Quick Cobbler Recipe

My husband is a sales rep for a food distribution company  – anything you need in bulk – he’s your man!  Fortunately he also gets some good recipes from the restaurants.  This quick cobbler is the staple dessert for one of his catering customers and is always a hit with everyone and so easy to make!  If I can do it – anyone can!


Quick Cobbler

Fresh or canned fruit (the more the better)

1 cup sugar

1 cup flour

1 cup milk

4 Tablespoons butter


First mix the dry ingredients. 

After thoroughly mixing them, add the cup of milk & stir.

Then add the fruit & mix again.  (If you are using canned fruit, drain most of the juice.)

Melt the butter to coat the bottom & sides of a 9 x 13 glass dish.


Pour the cobbler mixture into the dish.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until brown. 



It’s really yummy!  Enjoy!!


Blogging survey


If you click on the link above, you can be a statistic too.  It's a survey for bloggers.  Share it with all your blogging friends!


Thanks Sparrow!

Tagged by Frogiggie

Well, I got tagged by Frogiggie a while back, but I'm never one to miss out on fun so –


Here are the questions and MY answers:


Q. how many pictures of you do you have?

A. Not too many.  As a parent, you just take bunches of pictures of your kids… or have great intentions and mean to take pictures, but are just so busy…. (feeling guilty).

Q. how many times have YOU moved?

A. My husband & I have been married almost 15 years and have moved 8 times.  No we're not military, just keep trying to follow where God leads.  Hopefully we'll get to stay put on the farm now though!

Q. how old were you when you learned your ABC's?

A. I started trying to read on my 3rd birthday so I guess I was learning my abc's at 2. 

Q. do you think these Q's are to hard?

A. No

Q. how many computers are in your house?

A. My home computer & my husband's work laptop are the main ones.  Embarassingly though we have 1 nonworking laptop and 1 other nonworking big computer. 


So now I'm tagging 5 more unsuspecting folks…






The Evidence

I was just reading A Rude Awakening by JunosMom and cracking up.  Horses just have a mind of their own sometimes.  I've mentioned in other posts that our horse, Billy is a pretty content ol' guy.  Often times if we're hanging around the house, we let him out of his pasture so that he can free graze in our yard and fields.  He *never* goes anywhere.  (Note to self, never say always or never when dealing with animals!)


One night, not long ago, our Hank dog just kept barking and barking.  My husband investigated, but didn't see anything, told the dog to hush and came back to bed.  But Hank was not to be silenced!  He just kept barking… and barking… and barking… (Get the picture?) 


Unfortunately our spotlight needed recharging and we couldn't find a single flashlight in this house with working batteries.  And it gets REALLY, REALLY dark out here.  By this point everybody, except the 3 year old, is up trying to figure out why Hank is barking.  Finally  “The Finder”(our 8 year old) was able to locate his little brother's flashlight.  He looked towards the small creek in front of our property and sure enough, just caught a glimpse of Billy's white nose.


We couldn't believe that Billy had gotten out.  He NEVER goes anywhere!  But we were just so thankful that he hadn't gone anywhere or gotten hurt.  Hubby and the boys were able to lead Billy back up to the barn and lock him in his stall for the night until we could find where he got out in the daylight.  We all had to apologize to Hank dog too for yelling at him to stop barking.


We thought the matter was all taken care of.  But as the infomercials say, “But wait, that's not all”. 


Sure enough, our neighbor gets up in the morning and goes out to enjoy a cigarette on his front porch.  He calls us and asks if Billy got out last night.  We figure that our neighbor just heard all the barking and us fussing.  But nope, our Billy who never wanders, had left a little evidence behind – right next to Danny's flower bed!  We tried to tell him that we were just delivering fertilizer early that morning, but he didn't buy it.  Had to go over there with a shovel and took care of it.


I guess it's just another story for the neighbors to tell about the Carters and their horse who leaves evidence behind!