Monthly Archives: June 2005

The Garden is Growing 4

It's kind of amazing to look out and see those little green sprouts shooting up from the ground where we planted seeds.  I guess I'm just always kind of amazed when we get anything to grow.  We are such rookies.  I can spend so much time researching what to plant, when & with what companion […]

Quick Cobbler Recipe 4

My husband is a sales rep for a food distribution company  – anything you need in bulk – he’s your man!  Fortunately he also gets some good recipes from the restaurants.  This quick cobbler is the staple dessert for one of his catering customers and is always a hit with everyone and so easy to […]

Tagged by Frogiggie 2

Well, I got tagged by Frogiggie a while back, but I'm never one to miss out on fun so –   Here are the questions and MY answers:   Q. how many pictures of you do you have? A. Not too many.  As a parent, you just take bunches of pictures of your kids… or […]

The Evidence 1

I was just reading A Rude Awakening by JunosMom and cracking up.  Horses just have a mind of their own sometimes.  I've mentioned in other posts that our horse, Billy is a pretty content ol' guy.  Often times if we're hanging around the house, we let him out of his pasture so that he can free […]