Monthly Archives: July 2005

Surprised and blessed 4

I was surprised and blessed by the turnout for our local support group’s first New Homeschooler Workshop.  Our group hasn’t ever hosted a workshop like that before and we really didn’t know how many people would show up or what they would be expecting.  In fact, I wasn’t feeling well the night before and seriously […]

Interesting email 4

I received an email this morning urging me to put my emergency contact information in my cell phone in case we were ever in an accident.  It said that you should list it under ICE (In Case of Emergency) so that Paramedics would know who to contact if you were unable to speak for myself.  […]

Concert in the park 2

All summer long my boys have been looking forward to the Way FM Brown Bag Todd Agnew w/Jonah 33 Concert.                                  We love Contemporary Christian music and Joe had gotten the Todd Agnew Grace Like Rain CD for Christmas.  We knew that it was going to be hot, but thought we'd tough it […]

Three years 5

July 25th marked three years since my dad died. Sometimes it feels like it’s been forever and then other times it still seems fresh. The last time I saw my dad alive was at my youngest son’s first birthday party. I can still remember what he was wearing, the scent of his pipe tobacco, the feel of […]

The music 3

We were all busy tidying things up around the house before the boys left for a weekend in the woods and Jake picked out the CD for us to listen to- Phillips, Craig and Dean – Let Your Glory Fall.  I realized that he had one of the songs set on repeat.  Over and over again, […]