Monthly Archives: August 2005

My Cup Overflows

I've been wanting a little rain so we wouldn't have to water the garden so much, but I think all of this rain is a bit much!  Not only did my cup overflow, but so did our creek bank – BIG time!  This is what it looked like when I looked outside at 6 a.m. –

The rain had washed away a big ol' path down our driveway and the creek was rushing almost up to our driveway.  Our neighbor says that this is the worst that he's ever seen it.  That field is where we intended to put cows someday… I wonder what people do with their cows when it floods.  I guess we would move them up to a pasture on higher ground.  Our house and horse barn are more up on a hill, but water even edged into our horse pasture.  Billy was NOT happy.  He just kept wandering around with his ears twitching trying to figure out what was going on.


To the right of our driveway is a gravel road leading towards the creek crossing.  Most of our acreage is surrounding that road.  That's one thing that is new and kind of weird for us – not being able to keep an eye on all of our property.  As the creek overflowed there was no way to get back there and see if trees were downed or anything.  There is a flash flood advisory for our area and you can definitely tell why.  The water is rushing so fast.  I love the sound of it, but we stay far away and don't take any chances.  It looks powerful and dangerous.  I've heard that a 10 year old girl in the next town over died while playing in the water.  It just swept her away.  We are going to be very careful.  The boys want to play in it, but they're just going to have to be content with playing in the big puddles by the house.  I'm not taking any chances.  This is the picture looking towards our gravel road to the creek.


I know that more rain is headed our way tonight and we've gotten prepared with basic supplies just in case we can't get out of the house or lose electricity.  This picture shows the main road going to town and notice the water is almost over the bridge.  Hmm….


The water has receeded now of course, but I can't help but wonder what we'll be waking up to in the morning.  Here's a picture across the road where our property meets up with a neighbor's corn field.  It looks like just a big ol' pond, but it's really just all green under there.  He's probably lost some of his corn, but most of the water was on our field and covering the road.


We don't have TV reception so I haven't seen pictures of how the hurricane and flooding is affecting others.  I'm sure it is disasterous for many and just the shock of all this water here tenders my heart to what they must be experiencing.  I think of how God used the plagues to draw people to needing Him and to show Him his power.  His power is so evident and I pray that many will come out of this experience drawing closer to God.  I remember what Joseph said to his brothers in Genesis 50:20, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”  I trust that even through the devastation, God intends it for good and will save many lives.


This cache took us to the Martin Homeplace that I blogged about for the 4th of July.  Remember how I told you about their legacy of their family's faith?  Well right at the entrance, they have 3 crosses with A – admit, B – believe and C-confess with the appropriate verses.  The clue was Believe and we found the cache right there by that cross – actually my eagle eye 9 year old did.

Do you notice the blood stains on the cross?  Every time I drive by it, I'm reminded again of the love of our dear Saviour.  In this beautiful display, the Martins share their faith and how others can share in the sweet joy of salvation and a walk with the One who loves us more than we can imagine.  I wonder if the person who placed the cache is a Christian.  Did they place it there in hopes that the display would help others to find more than just a little hidden cache there?  Will someone come to believe and call upon Christ there?  May we all share our faith as boldly, simply and lovingly as our Savior and be Jesus to others so that they too can believe.


This cache took us to a beautiful church cemetary not too far from our house, but yet in an area that we had never explored before.  When they give you a clue like “bush” and there is only one in the area that the GPS points you to, you'd think it would be easy.  But it wasn't.  We looked under the bushes and in the branches.  We thought maybe the GPS was wrong and looked at some other bushes along the fence row.  I thought I found the cache once, but it was just a piece of trash.  Sometimes you find yourself wondering if the cache is really still there.  I mean if someone inadvertently found it, they might just take it home to show off the curious little thing.  But as we were standing there wondering about all of that, my 4 year old noticed it hanging on a little chain right next to the bush.

He was so surprised and excited to have found it.  It taught us a little bit about not giving up and sticking with a job.  Perseverance.  That's another great lesson we learned today.


One of the biggest blessings of homeschooling is my children's relationships with each other.  I was so happy when the older boys would stop and give Jon time to “help” find the caches. It just kind of warms a momma's heart.

Here they are giving Jon a lift so he could find the cache hidden up in the eaves of a gazebo.  It really was a lesson in teamwork today and I'm so glad that we got to spend the day together outside having fun.

Saturday Family Fun

Well I've been feeling a little down lately and decided that I just needed to get out of the house for some family fun.  It's been awhile since we've done any geocaching, but I just happened to get an email about some caches that were right in our area.  I printed off 8 of them and we set out with our GPS and digital camera for some family fun. 


The very first one stumped us for a few minutes. The map and GPS were trying to send us cross country through someone's farm, so we had to find the road to take us around to the other side.  Sure enough, it all made sense once we saw the location, but we still had to poke around before we found the little bitty silver cache.

The little cache was hidden in the knothole of that tree.  It is so much fun to search for them and having boys of different sizes definitely helps as we look high and low and all around!  They can get a little competitive trying to find the caches first, but in the end we are the CarterCrew and each one we find counts for the whole family!