Monthly Archives: September 2005

Ummm.. I think we’re getting a pig 6

I had a pounding headache earlier today.  I was just taking it easy, waiting for it to ease up a little bit.Then my husband come in the room all excited, “Honey I've got a great idea for our farm!”  Now he has my attention.  I love to hear him talk about “our farm”.    “We […]

Successful Fundraiser 3

I have so enjoyed being a HomeSchool Nation contributor for Kentucky.  By touching base with other support group leaders, I get to hear lots of great ideas!  I was emailing the leader of the LAMP group nearby, when she shared a wonderful fundraiser that they did this year.  They raised $700 by hosting a Readathon […]

A little of this and a little of that… 5

It feels like things are so busy around here that I can't get my head clear for a decent post, but sometimes writing clears my head so this one is pretty much for me.    God is blessing us in so many ways, but I still struggle with feeling like I'm not doing enough.  I'm not […]

Answering MamaBugs question 3

Yesterday, MamaBugs left a question in my comments that was a really great question.  It was such a great question in fact that I went running to our PRMama (who headed up TOS' Special Needs Resource Room) aka MelM with it to get a great answer. So here goes Q & A on the farm!   From MamaBugs:  […]