Monthly Archives: October 2005

Making Memories 2

Yesterday we had the perfect opportunity to go to the Nashville Zoo.  The weather was just perfect – not too hot and not too cold.  Our youngest absolutely loves jungle animals (especially lions) and we had not been to a zoo since he's been old enough to remember.  Well let me tell you, I am […]

Simplicity 2

Friday night we had the Fall Fellowship for our co-op.  Our co-op has about 20 families and while we do have 3 classes for the kids each Monday morning, a big part of our purpose is fellowship.    We wanted our children to have an opportunity to get to know each other more than just […]

The Break In 5

Well, after feeling like a bit of a football widow during the boys’ football season, Hubby and I are trying to get in the routine of having date night again.  Nothing too fancy.  It’s actually pretty much just running errands together, but it gives us time to talk.  And I love getting to have him […]

Confessions from the Campground 5

Well I just have to fess up.  I offered a hot dog, the real made from all kinds of reject meat thing, to a Messianic Jewish friend’s child while we were camping.  On a Saturday.  YIKES!!    It was innocent enough.  It was dark and my days all kind of blend together somewhat.  So heyyyy, […]