Monthly Archives: October 2005

Making Memories

Yesterday we had the perfect opportunity to go to the Nashville Zoo.  The weather was just perfect – not too hot and not too cold.  Our youngest absolutely loves jungle animals (especially lions) and we had not been to a zoo since he's been old enough to remember.  Well let me tell you, I am so glad that we took the time and money to go.  It meant so much to all of us.



Jon absolutely lit up when he saw this carousel! I guess that's part of the blessing of living out in the country without TV.  Everything there was new and exciting to him.  When he realized that he was sitting on a lion on the carousel, it was almost too much for him!  You'd have thought it was the greatest thing in the world.  My husband said it just looked like Pure Joy on his face.


We all loved watching the meerkats (like Timon) run through their tunnels and play.  I don't think I've ever seen a meerkat exhibit like this, but we could have stayed there all day just watching them.


Then we went into the lorikeet aviary.  When you held the little cups of nectar, the birds would land right on you to drink out of the cups.  They were so colorful and for some reason were especially attracted to my husband (smart little birds)!


We especially enjoyed getting to share the beautiful day at the zoo with our friends, the Kings.  Their 2 older boys have J names too so here's the picture of our 4 Js in the tree together.


Their little Matthew looked so cute playing in the leaves that he was his own little exhibit!  He looks much more innocent here than in real life.  He's quite the climber these days and could fit in quite well with the monkeys!


So we just thank you LORD for a wonderful day of making memories together. 




Friday night we had the Fall Fellowship for our co-op.  Our co-op has about 20 families and while we do have 3 classes for the kids each Monday morning, a big part of our purpose is fellowship. 


We wanted our children to have an opportunity to get to know each other more than just at the once a month support group meetings.  We also wanted to get to know each others' families. 


So last year we started having 4 fellowships a year.  We would meet together at a local church for a potluck and we'd usually try to have the kids show a little bit of what they've been learning in their classes.  We really went all out for the first few with decorations, goody bags, the program and what not.  But you know what… even though that doesn't sound like much, it was too much on top of everything else we were doing.  It started becoming a burden for us to organize.


So now we've simplified our fellowships.  We pretty much are trying to use the same church each time so that whoever is early can help arrange the tables and chairs.  We keep the decorating limited to colored tablecloths and simple table decor.  And we don't organize any type of program.  It is just a simple meal with plenty of time to fellowship.


This fellowship was so much easier.  No stress, no mess.  And every bit of as much of a success as any fellowship that we've had before.  Our families appreciate the laid back, come as you are fellowship and the kids enjoy the freedom to explore around the little country church.  These are the times when we really get to encourage one another and talk about what is going on in our lives.  So these fellowships are important and now that they are a little more simple, I think we can all relax and enjoy them more.

And then we all have more time to play with the cute babies!



I want you all to go read this!

It seems like God is stirring a lot of my friends to venture into some new businesses.  And I know that it can be rather intimidating to try and figure out how you can do those things in REAL life.  But I've learned something…


If God is stirring those things within you, He's really going to be the one doing the work.  He'll open the doors, provide the opportunities and has been equipping you along the way.


So, go check out our PRMama has to say about Taglines.  This information is awesome for building your confidence and networking in your day-to-day life.  Even if you haven't officially gotten a new business started yet, she gives you a suggestion for mentioning what you are working on.  Go check it out and keep checking back.  I think I shall call it – Lessons Learned at PRMama's blog!



The Break In

Well, after feeling like a bit of a football widow during the boys’ football season, Hubby and I are trying to get in the routine of having date night again.  Nothing too fancy.  It’s actually pretty much just running errands together, but it gives us time to talk.  And I love getting to have him all to myself hanging out together. 


So anyway, we are so thankful that we don’t have to pay a sitter anymore and can just leave the boys home together.  They know all of the safety rules and can dial our cell phone number with lightning speed.  However, the other night, something happened for the first time – the boys LOCKED us out.  AAAAHHHHH!!!!


It was so cold and all of the animals greeted us as we arrived home.  The horses came up to the fence to see what we had gotten for them.  Hank (yes he’s still here) greeted me at the car door, we could even see George the Cat and Faith in the house.  Husband unlocked the door, but the chain lock was on. 


Soooo we hated to wake the poor kids up, but we started ringing the doorbell and knocking.  Kind of gently at first because we didn’t want to scare them or anything. 


We tried going to the other doors and even gently tapping on their bedroom windows.  After that didn’t work, we resorted to banging on the doors and windows… still no answer. 


Now we knew that our boys were sound sleepers, but we didn’t have any idea that they could sleep through that kind of racket. 


I was even starting to have that little bit of panic, “They are in there, aren’t they?” 


We couldn’t call them because we don’t get a cell phone signal at our house so…. we had to break in.  Hubby (my hero) got the bolt cutters and cut through the chain so that we could get in our back door.  Can you believe it?  Those wonderful children had locked us out!!! How rude!!!  And after we even brought them home some pretzels!! Hmpf!


But they were all sleeping safe and soundly… and …. I had a nice date night with my husband, so it was all worth it, even though we’ll have to replace our chain lock.  Now we just have to come up with a system so that we can get into our house without breaking in on those date nights!

Confessions from the Campground

Well I just have to fess up.  I offered a hot dog, the real made from all kinds of reject meat thing, to a Messianic Jewish friend’s child while we were camping.  On a Saturday.  YIKES!! 


It was innocent enough.  It was dark and my days all kind of blend together somewhat.  So heyyyy, that makes me realize that at least since it was already dark on Saturday, it wasn’t their official Sabbath time.  Whew… 


Anyway, we were all sitting around the campfire and I kept hearing their children asking for hot dogs.  Then I kept hearing their parents lament that they had forgotten the “hot dogs”.  So being the generous meat & junk food eating Christian that I am, I offered to share our hot dogs with them.  Oops.   They nicely reminded me that they were Jewish and didn’t eat pork. 


Then of course I had to ask, “So what kind of hot dogs were you taking about?”  Tofu dogs!!!!  Now I had heard about Veggie Burgers from other people, but hadn’t heard about Tofu dogs.  I’ve lived a pretty mainstream life, away from the health food crowd so I’ve got a lot to learn.  I’m actually interested in some of it.


My husband has a lot more questions though.  The funny ones .. like …

  • So what does a Tofu look like?
  • Are they mean?
  • What kind of a permit do you need to hunt them?
  • How many Tofus does it take to make a hot dog?
  • Do they have sharp teeth and bite?
  • How long does it take to field dress one?
  • Can we find them around here local?
  • Can a taxidermist mount one for ya?

 Now you all know what I’m dealing with out here on the farm with a husband and three hunter–gatherer wannabes.  It’s hunting season and they are in the zone, so to speak.  You can’t see them though because they are so well camouflaged.  I just did well to get out of the store without my husband purchasing this T-shirt – “There’s a place on Earth for all of God’s creatures…. Next to the mashed potatoes and gravy!”