Monthly Archives: November 2005

Packrats Anonymous 11

After realizing that our 9 & 4 year old had too much stuff in their room to be able to put things away properly, we finally broke down and did a thorough cleaning/decluttering last night.  The 4 year old is just a plain ol' messy, but our 9 year old has joined the rest of […]

Another marketing tip from PRMama

PRMama has some great tips on establishing yourself as an expert in your field today.  I think many of us are ready to grow our businesses, but struggle with getting “noticed” by other people.  How do you get noticed?    By making yourself an “expert” in the field.  By showing others that you have answers […]

The blessing of friendship 6

I have been amazed lately at the friends that God has brought into our lives.  Friends that love us as we are and that we can be real with.  Friends who share our love of homeschooling, writing and homesteading,etc.. It hasn't always been this way.  I definitely think God takes us through seasons with friendships […]

Our Thanksgiving ABC’s 8

Well as we were driving to my mom's for Thanksgiving, we decided to make a game of naming the things that we are thankful for.  We did that thing where the first person says, “I am thankful for (something that starts with A)”, then the next person has to do both A & B, and […]