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Homeschooler works for Sean Hannity!

How many of you have read your Winter issue of The Old Schoolhouse?  One article that I thought was awesome was Homeschool Success Story: Elisha Blankenship.


Elisha was homeschooled for all 12 years and was very involved in politics.  She went to Queens College in New York where she became interested in radio.  Through a TeenPact contact, she was able to get an interview for an internship on the Sean Hannity show!  After 6 months as an intern, God opened the doors for her to become an associate producer and she loves her job!


I don't listen to the radio a lot, but my husband is a HUGE Sean Hannity fan.  He was so impressed with that article and to see how a homeschooler from Oklahoma could wind up working with Sean Hannity in New York!


If your husband doesn't usually pick up your TOS magazine, be sure to point him towards that article.  It's very encouraging!


And if you don't have your own subscription, here's your chance!

I Spy…

Just thought I'd share some random sights with you from this weekend…

  • Amish tractor going to the dairy barn
  • cars pulling over to allow a funeral procession to pass respectfully
  • a homestead with turkeys, goats, chickens, cows, ducks and geese
  • Jon playing on a hay bale
  • Tony throwing football with the boys
  • Mary Jane, Hank & Faith playing in the backyard together (the dogs)
  • Billy (the horse) sleeping in the sun
  • a father helping his son with a remote control car in the driveway
  • a person horseback riding through a field
  • a big group of friends hanging out in a garage together
  • The End of The Spear
  • a heavy rain

Isn't it nice to just really *look* at the world around you sometimes?  When I ponder on the things that I love to look at, the things that warm my heart and make me smile, it's not the super nice houses, the best cars or finest clothes.  It's the simple things.  It's people working and playing together.  Animals.  The beauties and wonders of nature.  It's love, forgiveness, sacrifice, and hope.


I pray that your week will be filled with sights that warm your heart and make you smile.


Do you get the Crosswalk homeschool newsletter?

I'm a bit of an e-newsletter junkie so I have an email box full of stuff every morning.  This morning I was clicking through pretty quickly and was about to *skim* through the Crosswalk homeschool one and guess what?!  It was an article that I had written!  That was kind of weird, very flattering, but still just kind of odd to feel like I was talking to myself ya know?


Reading it again, was kind of like reading over an old diary.  God was really affirming homeschool to me during the time I was writing that article.  It was written as much to remind myself of how God is the one doing the work as anything.  It seems like most homeschool moms struggle with wondering if we should really be homeschooling when we feel like we aren't getting *enough* done or we just aren't seeing our children progress the way we want them to.  But God has shown Himself faithful time and time again to bless my humble homeschool efforts.  I don't really struggle with doubts about homeschooling anymore.  I guess I came through the fire changed. 


For me (personally, it may not be for you), homeschooling is about obedience.  I have to be obedient to stick with it even when I'm discouraged.  Interestingly enough, since I've gotten to that point, we just enjoy homeschool so much more.  God has replaced doubts with affirmations.  I hope that the article might encourage and affirm you too!



What is your Perfect Major Quiz

It doesn't surprise me that my top result was journalism.  My college didn't offer a journalism major or I would have given it a try!  Looking at the big picture though, I really do think God led me to be an education major to plant some seeds for homeschooling our children.


However I think all of those science ones should have been at the bottom of the list.  Especially anthropology…. I barely know what that is.  And I would have thought psychology and english would have been right at the top of the chart too!


Here are my results .



You scored as Journalism.

You are an aspiring journalist, and you should major in journalism! Like me, you are passionate about writing and expressing yourself, and you want the world to understand your beliefs through writing.






























You can take the quiz here.

This week’s lessons from the farm…

  1. Do not leave mastiff puppy unattended.  She can tear a hole in the linoleum and have a great time doing it.  Next lesson will be strategic rug placement…..
  2. Husband cleaning the carpets is a VERY good thing.
  3. I shouldn't drink caffeine after 7 pm if I want to get to sleep at a decent hour.
  4. Tony wants bees to help pollenate the garden and fruit trees.
  5. Seed catalogs can get you dreaming BIG dreams!
  6. Watching too much Green Acres on DVD makes Jon call pancakes – hotcakes.
  7. No matter how much I talk or think about laundry, it doesn't get done without me actually doing it!
  8. When you are juggling too many balls, it's ok to get rid of one… it's really ok.
  9. I love hearing my boys singing christian music around the house.
  10. When it snows at our house, you better let the kids out in it quick or the snow will melt and they'll miss it!