Monthly Archives: January 2006

Homeschooler works for Sean Hannity! 5

How many of you have read your Winter issue of The Old Schoolhouse?  One article that I thought was awesome was Homeschool Success Story: Elisha Blankenship.   Elisha was homeschooled for all 12 years and was very involved in politics.  She went to Queens College in New York where she became interested in radio.  Through a TeenPact […]

I Spy… 4

Just thought I'd share some random sights with you from this weekend… Amish tractor going to the dairy barn cars pulling over to allow a funeral procession to pass respectfully a homestead with turkeys, goats, chickens, cows, ducks and geese Jon playing on a hay bale Tony throwing football with the boys Mary Jane, Hank […]

What is your Perfect Major Quiz 5

It doesn't surprise me that my top result was journalism.  My college didn't offer a journalism major or I would have given it a try!  Looking at the big picture though, I really do think God led me to be an education major to plant some seeds for homeschooling our children.   However I think […]

This week’s lessons from the farm… 4

Do not leave mastiff puppy unattended.  She can tear a hole in the linoleum and have a great time doing it.  Next lesson will be strategic rug placement….. Husband cleaning the carpets is a VERY good thing. I shouldn't drink caffeine after 7 pm if I want to get to sleep at a decent hour. Tony wants […]