Monthly Archives: February 2006

You all are such helpful people 2

Thanks for all of your tips about digital cameras.  It seems like I'm not the only one searching.  Once we finally get a chance to actually get out of the house and go shopping, I'll let you all know what we decide.    I think our next shopping trip will be to a farm auction.  […]

A Treasure in a Box!

Have you all gotten a chance to look at the science kits from Treasure Box Press?  They are absolutely wonderful!  Fun, education, and convenience all stuffed together in a box!  If you look for them at an upcoming homeschooling conference, they'll be easy to spot.  You'll see all of their handy dandy treasure boxes and […]

World’s Shortest Personality Quiz 4

OK, I went over to visit Dandelion Seeds' blog and saw this quiz.  It's the World's Shortest Personality Test – it's literally 2 questions.  I'm not diggin my results.  Makes me sound a little church lady-ish, huh?  Oh well, I guess I need to keep taking quizes until I found one with results I like! […]