Monthly Archives: March 2006

Trying to recapture my youth! 7

Well after the humbling experience at the beauty shop yesterday, I was almost afraid to take this quiz – Which Sports Care Are You?   I was afraid that they might have a minivan on there just for us old foggies!   Fortunately they had a sports car on there, even for us practical types.  […]

Struggling to Make Conversation… 8

I went to the beauty shop to get my hair highlighted today.  The person who usually does my hair wasn't there so I decided to try another stylist.  Well, she did a great job, but wow did she make me feel OLD!   Of course this is how the conversation starts:   So, where do […]

The Loud Quiet 3

  I decided to walk around our property for a bit today to get some fresh air.  It's pretty hilly around here so the lazy part of me wanted to drive, but I couldn't find the keys!   As I walked by Billy's pasture, I thought how nice it would be take him for a […]

The Chicks Are Coming, The Chicks Are Coming! 7

There is just something heartwarming  knowing that soon enough 68 baby chicks will be waiting for me at the post office.  Last year was our first year with chicks and we loved it!   This year we ordered:   50 Jumbo Cornish X Rocks (the meat birds)or Godzilla chickens as CrewChief calls them!   4 […]