Monthly Archives: April 2006

Poor Mr. Wilson 4

  Well turkey season is about to wind down here, just one week left now I think.  Joe still hasn't gotten a turkey, but if nothing else we've gotten a great story out of the season.   Around here people enter hunting contests each season to see who can bag the biggest critter.  After they […]

Maggie, Maggie, Here and There! 1

She's everywhere, she's everywhere!!   Maggie Hogan is so kind.  She shares her tips for Geography Activities on the Front Porch every Friday, so you can read her tip there today.  But she also gave PRMama her story of how Bright Ideas Press got started today and even shared some marketing tips too!   You'll […]

Dealing with Spelling/Writing Frustrations 5

Someone commented on my Relaxed Homeschooling post with a question about dealing with spelling/writing frustrations. While I don't pretend to be an expert, I have learned from dealing with my boys and also from other moms who have walked down this road.    So here goes:    It sounds like you are working really hard […]

Drat, drat, drat…. 6

Well things with Farm Bureau aren't going well for us since we had to file that claim after the tornado.  The agent made it sound like everything was going to be taken care of, but today we got a letter from the adjustor saying that the barn that was demolished wasn't covered.  You know, it's […]

HSB T-shirts! 1

Oh wow, I just got an email from Coie with pics of the new tees.  I can't wait to get mine!   Here's the beautiful Coie modeling.  Look she's even on the HSB website.  Is that staged or what?     And of course, both she and her mom are having contests where you can […]