Monthly Archives: May 2006

Do you get TOS?

Do you have your very own subscription to TOS?  If you don't, now is definitely the time to subscribe.  It truly is a great way to invest in your homeschooling.  You can show it off to your skeptical friends and family to show them that homeschooling is not stuck in the dark ages.  They'll be […]

Our support group’s Spring Fellowship

Well I was going to write and tell you all ALL about our support group's spring fellowship, but I saw where my friend, Heidi, had already blogged it.  And she did a really great job.  Included a video and everything.  So, I'm all about simplifying things.  Go read about it there. 

I’ve crossed into new territory

I let our 13 yo son go to Holiday World with a friend's church group.  The friend's mom is going and our son is very responsible and trustworthy, but it was still a big deal for us.  Nonetheless, at some point today my son is going to taunt fate and ride crazy contraptions like The […]

It’s official – No garden this year 5

Well, it's humbling to admit, but in all honesty the garden thing just isn't going to happen here this year.  Call us homesteading failures if you want, but we're going more for self-preservation than self-sufficiency right now.  We just can't take on all of the tilling, planting, watering, and weeding of it all right now.  […]

Your favorite e-Newsletters? 2

I used to get a TON of e-Newsletters.  I was a bit of an e-Newsletter junkie in fact.  But that was before Yahoo groups and blogging for me.  Slowly but surely, as my inbox began to fill with other things, I let some of those e-Newsletters go.  Just out of neccessity really.  Last year I […]