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Do you get TOS?

Do you have your very own subscription to TOS?  If you don't, now is definitely the time to subscribe.  It truly is a great way to invest in your homeschooling.  You can show it off to your skeptical friends and family to show them that homeschooling is not stuck in the dark ages.  They'll be impressed when they see the resources available to homeschoolers these days, as well as the success stories of homeschool graduates. 


Besides that you'll get plenty of encouragement and inspiration.  I love TOS because they don't try to make all homeschool families look alike.  They respect that we have different lifestyles and interests, but that we share the same conviction to educate our children. 


I can remember when I first started homeschooling.  The only homeschool magazines that I saw featured very large families, wearing dresses and color coordinating outfits.  I struggled with feeling like I would never fit in or measure up to those families.  But when I look in TOS, I see families of all different sizes, wearing all different styles of clothes, etc… 


There was one time when I read “that other” magazine, that I nearly threw it across the room.  It had one of those large families and they were truly doing the 15 minute intervals.  Everything was just too perfect.

7:00 – 7:05 Children dressed, beds made & seated at table

7:05 – 7:20 Father leads devotions while I serve nutritious homemade breakfast

7:20 – 7:25 Breakfast clean up. Children begin studies


BLECH!  I couldn't stand it and honestly I couldn't even believe it.  We can't get our beds made, dressed and to the table in 5 minutes.  Much less if there were 10 children in the house.  And cleaning up in 5 minutes – that's an admirable goal, but not happening at this house.


But with TOS, the families featured seem more real, more approachable.  I find myself so often wishing that I was in a support group with some of these folks.  I think they would be great fun!


And I love how they not only tell you what they are doing, but why and how.  That's such a big part of things for me.  I want to know why people choose their educational approach and how they work it into their family life. 


So, take a look at our current promo. You get the 19 free gifts whether you are subscribing for the first time or whether you're renewing.  And we want you to subscribe.(Oh and if you subscribe by clicking through that link in my sidebar – the picture of the woman reading the magazine, I get credit for the sale!) 


Hey what better way to celebrate TOS's 5th birthday than by getting your own subscription. Gena & Jen will love that a lot more than a dancing carrot.


Our support group’s Spring Fellowship

Well I was going to write and tell you all ALL about our support group's spring fellowship, but I saw where my friend, Heidi, had already blogged it.  And she did a really great job.  Included a video and everything. 

So, I'm all about simplifying things.  Go read about it there

I’ve crossed into new territory

I let our 13 yo son go to Holiday World with a friend's church group.  The friend's mom is going and our son is very responsible and trustworthy, but it was still a big deal for us. 

Nonetheless, at some point today my son is going to taunt fate and ride crazy contraptions like The Voyage!

I know that I used to like to ride those crazy rides.  I try to figure out how things that were so much fun when I was younger now make me nauseous just looking at them.  I figure it has something to do with being old enough to need life insurance – wondering who would homeschool my children, help my husband keep up with his keys, and a good strong desire to live long enough to retire and enjoy grandkids with my hubby someday.

Good ol' TC has helped me be able to laugh about it all though.  Go check out her two-parter on her family's last adventure at the amusement park!  So I really hope my boy has a good time, but even if things get a little wacky, maybe it will just have him pleading with me to ride the merry go round with him next time!

It’s official – No garden this year

Well, it's humbling to admit, but in all honesty the garden thing just isn't going to happen here this year.  Call us homesteading failures if you want, but we're going more for self-preservation than self-sufficiency right now. 

We just can't take on all of the tilling, planting, watering, and weeding of it all right now.  We had to get realistic.  Those Spring tornadoes were just really hard on us.  The clean up efforts, the stress, losing our chicken tractors, etc…

We just have so many projects on our to-do list that we need to get accomplished – so many things are begging for our attention and there are only so many hours in the day. 

So we're taking the year off.  We *may* still throw a few seeds out there just because we have them on hand, but we won't have fresh tomatoes to share.  And that's ok.  So many times I can get focused on what we are supposed to *do*, but God draws me back to remind me of who He is.  And I am humbled.  And I am so thankful.  And I am free.

Your favorite e-Newsletters?

I used to get a TON of e-Newsletters.  I was a bit of an e-Newsletter junkie in fact.  But that was before Yahoo groups and blogging for me.  Slowly but surely, as my inbox began to fill with other things, I let some of those e-Newsletters go.  Just out of neccessity really. 

Last year I tried to make a list of those favorites again because from time to time I miss them or want to tell others about them.  But umm…. I lost my list. So I was wondering,  what e-Newsletters do you love?  (And I'm not just looking for you all to plug the TOS e-Newsletters either!) 

I used to read one called (something like) Pilers vs. Filers that was about home organization.  And I've had some really good devotions for mom types.  My friend, Candace, forwarded SoulScents to me and I absolutely love reading it.  And there are so many others that I see you all posting about on HSB.  So, if you've got a minute, tell me the names of your favorite e-Newsletters.  I'll TRY not to lose my list this time!