Monthly Archives: June 2006

Hide and Seek…

Don't bother looking for me on the Front Porch for the month of July.  I'm taking a little break.  If you want to know where I'm going to be, just click here.  And make sure you make our Guest Senior Editor feel REALLY welcome! Blessings,Nancy

Win a $100 Gift Certificate!!!

Win a $100 Gift Certificate to the Schoolhouse Store! We Want Your Input! The Schoolhouse Store needs you! We’ve been adding great new products like crazy! (And every one of them ships FREE!) Each product is complete with an official detailed review from the staff of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. But we want to hear […]

What’s on my desk…. 8

I’ve seen some of those question and answer things where people describe what is on their desk. Well I’ve got the picture for you. <a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="George in basket" /></a> Do you think he needs a bigger basket?  

Affirmation 3

Isn't it such a blessing when God clearly affirms something for you?  I just had that a few minutes ago as I read Amanda Bennett's entry on the Front Porch – Sharing the View From My Rearview Mirror. In her entry Amanda points out what she's learned, what she would do differently, and offers a […]

A Night At The Gun Club 1

Well I went and spent a couple of hours tonight at the local gun club where our son works watching him shoot.  It was pretty nice.  They've got a great gun club out here.  It's set up out in a beautiful location and they have a nice little log cabin with a massive covered front […]