Month: June 2006

What’s on my desk….

I’ve seen some of those question and answer things where people describe what is on their desk. Well I’ve got the picture for you. <a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="George in basket" /></a> Do you think he needs a bigger basket?  


Isn't it such a blessing when God clearly affirms something for you?  I just had that a few minutes ago as I read Amanda Bennett's entry on the Front Porch – Sharing the View From My Rearview Mirror. In her entry Amanda points out what she's learned, what she would do differently, and offers a few tips.  I especially appreciated…

A Night At The Gun Club

Well I went and spent a couple of hours tonight at the local gun club where our son works watching him shoot.  It was pretty nice.  They've got a great gun club out here.  It's set up out in a beautiful location and they have a nice little log cabin with a massive covered front porch where you can go…