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Hide and Seek…

Don't bother looking for me on the Front Porch for the month of July.  I'm taking a little break.  If you want to know where I'm going to be, just click here.  And make sure you make our Guest Senior Editor feel REALLY welcome!


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What’s on my desk….

I’ve seen some of those question and answer things where people describe what is on their desk.

Well I’ve got the picture for you.

<a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="George in basket" /></a>

Do you think he needs a bigger basket?



Isn't it such a blessing when God clearly affirms something for you?  I just had that a few minutes ago as I read Amanda Bennett's entry on the Front Porch – Sharing the View From My Rearview Mirror.

In her entry Amanda points out what she's learned, what she would do differently, and offers a few tips.  I especially appreciated her final 3 things that she wishes she had known when she first started homeschooling.

  1. The
    things that count can’t be counted.

  2. Time
    goes by too quickly to worry about or obsess over small things, like
    whether or not my child can read by the time they are five years
    old, etc.

  3. Keep
    the big picture in the forefront – getting from point A (beginning
    homeschooling) to point B (finish homeschooling) – remember that
    perspective is key to success. While we might miss algebra for this
    week due to family illness, we will still focus on the desired
    outcome – a well-rounded and enthusiastic learner by the time high
    school is complete.

I am so thankful for the the insights and experiences that God gave me while I was getting my teaching degree and teaching for years in the public school system.  Even though I didn't understand homeschooling back then, God had already shown me that a personalized education was the best for any child. Other teachers were commended for breaking out of the textbooks at times and doing “fun” learning activities so I have always felt very comfortable with that. 

The year that I student taught Kindergarten, I was paired with a *very* hands-on teacher.  The children did very little paper and pencil activities – she had this awesome room with hands-on activities spread all around and so much of our teaching was done with play.  The other K teacher in the next classroom was just the opposite.  She wanted those little Kindergarteners to have perfect handwriting and to be reading by the end of the year.  Those kids would go home with stacks of papers every day.  So at the end of the year, I wondered what the standardized tests would show.  The results:  our children scored higher.  Just a week or two before the test, we began practicing with them on filling in those little circles and all that jazz.  We didn't drill and drill and drill, we had simply taught the children in age-appropriate, interesting ways and they had applied what they learned.

I saw that repeated year after year of teaching in the public school. When people start magnet schools, they usually aren't big textbook places.  No, they want them to be different and innovative.  They know that the textbooks aren't the most effective in all areas, they are simply used because it's easier for the teacher.

And don't get me wrong, each family has to do what is best for them.  Some children and some moms LOVE a well-done textbook.  Many textbooks have some great pictures and activities in them.  But I believe and have seen that for our family, we have reaped the same benefits through many hands-on activities and seizing educational opportunities in our lives.

As a Christian woman, I know that my priorities are to be – God, husband, and children.  And oh how I love all of them.  I want my children's education to be pleasing and honoring to God.  I want it to bless my husband.  I want it to prepare and equip my children to be the young men that God wants them to be.

Someone else might not agree with my techniques, but I might not favor their techniques either. The main thing is that each of us follow God in obedience.  I don't want to look back in my rearview mirror and have regrets because I was simply trying to please others.

A Night At The Gun Club

Well I went and spent a couple of hours tonight at the local gun club where our son works watching him shoot.  It was pretty nice.  They've got a great gun club out here.  It's set up out in a beautiful location and they have a nice little log cabin with a massive covered front porch where you can go in to cool off.  They even have these massive fans that cool the air.  Yep these folks know how to do things right!

Anyway since I was out there I remembered that I had never posted the pictures from when Joe shot his first 25 on March 11.  I guess he's been shooting for about a year.  Our neighbor across the street got him interested so now he's in the 4H Shooting Sports club and working at this gun club.

<a href=”” title=”Photo Sharing”><img src=”” width=”334″ height=”500″ alt=”Joe's 1st 25″ /></a>

There are a few kids his age that go out there and shoot, but it's mostly men old enough to be his daddy or grandaddy, but he has a great time out there.  And it's nice because the guys seem to take the time to encourage him and teach him.  Whenever a person hits their first 25 straight, they all toss his hat up in the air and shoot at it. And I think a bunch of these ol' guys were just as excited as Joe was when he shot that first big 2-5.

<a href=”” title=”Photo Sharing”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”375″ alt=”Shooting Joe's hat” /></a>
He didn't get a 25 tonight, but a good time was had by all.