Monthly Archives: July 2006

The Catch of the Day 1

Tony and the boys noticed our cat pawing at something behind the steps outside our side door.  Next thing you know, our Jack Russell Terrier joined in so then Man and Boys had to move the steps and see what was so interesting. <a href=”” title=”Photo Sharing”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”180″ alt=”The Catch of the Day” […]

Thursday Thirteen 1

Thirteen Favorite Memories (in no particular order) Hugging my father Twiddling thumbs on the front porch with my grandfather Feeling God's presence as a teen while doing my quiet time one night Having a lazy Sunday afternoon with my husband when we were newlyweds Family gathered in the delivery room after we had our first […]

What a handful! 7

Yep, my youngest is a whole handful now .  He's 5!!  It's hard to believe how quickly he's growing up, but I've got to admit that this is a great age.  I love how he's learning and taking on new things, yet still loves to sit and snuggle with me.   Here's a picture of […]

Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes…. 4

Well a month or so ago, Gena came to me and asked if I wanted to take on being Senior Editor at HomesteadBlogger.  I was so flattered, but I just wasn't sure if I could keep up with both blogsites, so we decided to see if we could find just the right person to take […]