Monthly Archives: August 2006

Thursday Thirteen 4

Thirteen Things About Our New Kittens We adopted 4 new kittens while visiting family.  A stray had left her litter at my niece's house. They look like 2 sets of twins – 2 gray stripes & 2 white with black spots Their names are Princess, Socks, Mountain (she likes to climb), & Susan. They were […]

Acidophilus, Wonderful Acidophilus 2

This past week I've found myself telling quite a few people about acidophilus.  Actually we use Solaray's Multidophilus Plus.  They have orange cream chewables that taste yummy and everyone around here is happy to take!We started out just using them when we had tummy trouble.  I would give it to the boys when they had […]

Homeschool Fun 1

I am so glad that I homeschool our children.  Getting to do all of this *school* stuff is so much more fun the second time around.  Except that really a lot of the fun stuff is for the first time.  For instance, we are waiting for starfish to come in the mail!  You wanna know […]

Monday Madness

~another great set of questions from Otto at Monday Madness~ 1. Do you do dishes by hand or do you use a dishwasher?  Both.  We usually wash pots & pans by hand, but use the dishwasher for other things.2. How many people have your cell phone number?  Probably 10 – 15.3. Do you shower in […]

FDA Approves Viruses on our Food 4

I posted this over on the Homestead Front Porch, and this isn't what I usually post over here, but I thought everyone should know about this. FDA Approves Viruses As Food Additive I just about couldn't believe this, but I checked it out and it's TRUE!  “A mix of bacteria-killing viruses can be safely sprayed […]