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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About Our New Kittens
  1. We adopted 4 new kittens while visiting family.  A stray had left her litter at my niece's house.
  2. They look like 2 sets of twins – 2 gray stripes & 2 white with black spots
  3. Their names are Princess, Socks, Mountain (she likes to climb), & Susan.
  4. They were a little on the skinny side when we got them.
  5. They LOVE to eat!
  6. We gave them baths & spritzed them with Tea Tree Oil to kill the fleas when we first got them home. (Edited to say Tea Tree Oil is NOT recommended for kitties.  Heidi mentioned it in the comments and sure enough when I googled it, she was right.  Oops.  God is so gracious to protect my animals from my ignorance!)
  7. They remind us of aliens with their big eyes and scrawny bodies.
  8. Our big cat, George, doesn't like them.
  9. They love to play with our Jack Russell Terrier.
  10. Our Old English Mastiff loves to sniff of them, but they are pretty unsure of her.
  11. We close them into our bathroom at night to sleep and they are always snuggled up together.
  12. They love to climb up into our laps when we're sitting in the living room and snuggle right up next to our necks.  ((((sweet babies))))
  13. Our 5 year old is in Kitty Heaven and loves being able to hold these babies all he wants.

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Acidophilus, Wonderful Acidophilus

This past week I've found myself telling quite a few people about acidophilus.  Actually we use Solaray's Multidophilus Plus.  They have orange cream chewables that taste yummy and everyone around here is happy to take!

started out just using them when we had tummy trouble.  I would give it
to the boys when they had diarrhea or were throwing up and they would
improve often after just one dose.  And I wasn't just *stopping* the
elimination of toxins.  It simply brought the intestinal flora back
into balance. 

Later another friend shared with me about how
her family took acidophilus daily just to support a healthy immune
system.  Research shows that the Bifidobacterium Lacis enhances the
production of immune system cells known to be active against viral

Then I saw in the Summer issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, where
a Certified Natural Health Practitioner recommends giving acidophilus
to a child three times a day for six weeks or so to help with behavior
and focusing ability.  So now I'm even more amazed at the health
benefits of this wonderful little gift from God!

But enough about me.  What about you?

What is one natural remedy that you love and share with others?

Homeschool Fun

I am so glad that I homeschool our children.  Getting to do all of this *school* stuff is so much more fun the second time around.  Except that really a lot of the fun stuff is for the first time.  For instance, we are waiting for starfish to come in the mail!  You wanna know why?  Because we are going to dissect them!!!!  Yep, we are doing a project with another homeschool family for our support group's God's Creation Fair about the ocean. 

So our boys are learning all kinds of interesting things about the ocean – including the fact that there are 5 now.  They added another ocean in 2000.  And as we were searching for some cool activities online I remembered that Michelle had done some neat entries about Ocean activities on the Front Porch.  And once I showed my friend the one about Dissecting a Starfish, we went to Home Science Tools and ordered the starfish and dissecting supplies.

Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures once we're done.  Right now I'm having an awful time keeping batteries in my digital camera.  They seem to be going dead exceptionally fast.  Anyone else have a problem with that?

Monday Madness

~another great set of questions from
Otto at Monday Madness~

1. Do you do dishes by hand or do you use a dishwasher?  Both.  We usually wash pots & pans by hand, but use the dishwasher for other things.
2. How many people have your cell phone number?  Probably 10 – 15.
3. Do you shower in the morning or at night?Usually in the morning, but if I need to at the end of a day then I'll take a shower at night!
4. Do you ever have a song 'stuck' in your head? Oh yes!  Today it was, “I Know My Redeemer Lives”.
5. Do you pay your bills when they arrive, or do you wait until closer to the due date to pay them? Due date
6. Are you obsessive about anything in particular?  I'm not an obsessive kind of person, but I'm probably most addicted to checking my email!
7. What one thing would you say you have a zero tolerance for?  Hmmm…
I guess I'd say that I have the least tolerance for deceitfulness. Once
someone has broken my trust, I have a hard time trusting them again.

Leave a comment here and let me know if you answer them on your blog.

FDA Approves Viruses on our Food

I posted this over on the Homestead Front Porch, and this isn't what I usually post over here, but I thought everyone should know about this.

I just about couldn't believe this, but I checked it out and it's TRUE! 

“A mix of bacteria-killing viruses can be
safely sprayed on cold cuts, hot dogs and sausages to combat common
microbes that kill hundreds of people a year, federal health officials
said Friday in granting the first-ever approval of viruses as a food

Think you'll just avoid the foods that have viruses added to them?  Think again, you won't know which ones have been treated…

Consumers won't be aware that meat and poultry products have been
treated with the spray, Zajac added. The Department of Agriculture will
regulate the actual use of the product.

here's just another reason to avoid processed foods and to grow or
raise your own.  Am I just jaded or do others just see a lot of folks
standing in line to make money off of the illnesses that will result
from all of this?!