Monthly Archives: March 2007

Homeschool Moms: The Beatrice Brigade 8

I was reading over at Patricia’s Pollywog Creek and saw this wonderful entry which links to an entry at Scriptorium Daily about homeschool moms. It was one of those things that I’m going to print – to share words of encouragement or to read when I need them again. In this piece John Mark Reynolds […]

Boyhood and Beyond 5

After years of hearing that I would love, love, love Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz, I finally purchased it the other day.  It says that it’s written for boys ages 10-14, but I wouldn’t miss out for one minute on discussing it with our boys by just having them do it themselves. This one […]

The Voice of Homeschooling 1

I just wanted to let you all know about this great homeschooling radio show online. They emailed last week and invited me to visit on their show and talk about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. So guess what I did, I dug out my winter issue so I could tell them all about what I […]

Kid’s Writing Contest 1

Everything’s Coming Up… Including HomeschoolEstore’s Spring Essay Contest for kids ages 5-18! Have your child write and submit a short essay entitled "Everything’s coming up" and they could win a brand new MP3 Player, a Mousepad Speaker or a Writing Kit and be featured on the HomeschoolEstore homepage! Dale and Sandy Larsen, authors of Igniting […]

The Sweetest Thing 7

My five year old is such a loving kid and he’s still just trying to find the right words to say what he feels in his heart. He usually says things like "I love you the whole world" which means a whole bunch cuz the world is pretty big! So the other day I said […]