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Embracing Your Child’s Strengths

The other day I met with a family who was planning to pull their 9th grader out of public school. Even though the boy was very bright and was actually in AP classes, he had just shut down and was getting rotten grades. We talked a bit about different homeschool options for their family and I tried to reassure them that their son would be ok. It wasn’t that he couldn’t learn. He was obviously bright. It was just that the focus was on all of his weaknesses at school, rather than his strengths.

As we spoke, I was talking to the father and his mother, the mother actually got teary. She so regretted allowing the schools to tell her son that he was a *failure* when he struggled in school. He’s an adult now and a great guy – a successful mechanic in fact. Just think how many mechanics have probably struggled in writing classes or gotten bored sitting in a classroom all day.

Anyway, it reminded me of the Animal School Parable and I wanted to share it with all of you.

22 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Family

22 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with your Family
Wear all green or earth-friendly clothes.
Look for an Earth Day Event in your area by visiting
Go to the Green Festival in Chicago on April 21st &
Read an earth friendly book such as Dr. Seuss’s The
Plant a backyard (or rooftop) garden.
Visit a botanical garden.
Leave the car at home—walk or take public
Sign a family pledge to make Earth Day every day by
recycling, conserving energy and saving water.
Write an eco-poem or story and read it aloud.
Make crafts from recycled materials.
Save electricity, play a board game like Let’s Save Our
Visit your local zoo; many of them have Earth Day
events planned.
Use egg cartons to create replicas of endangered
Learn about endangered species at
Take a nature hike.
Plant a tree in your yard or through The National Arbor
Day Foundation
Adopt an acre of the rainforest.
Send an Earth Day e-card.
Have your child’s class decorate grocery bags with
earth-inspired drawings for a local supermarket.
Visit an organic farm such as Natick Farms in Natick,
Massachusetts or Boggy Creek Farm in Austin, Texas.
Play an Earth Day trivia game; use 101 Amazing Earth
Facts from
Raise butterflies to learn about the environment’s life

I just did the stupidest thing… or is that most stupid?


I was talking on the phone holding it with my chin and trying to pick up a few things around our living room end table which is my workzone/pigsty.

And I begin to sniff, smells like something is burning.

What’s that smell?

Oh good goobledy goo, it was MY HAIR!

Yes, I leaned over the candle and my shaggy hair went right in the candle.

All my husband heard was, "Hang on honey, my hair’s on fire." heh heh… bet that got his attention.

Anyway no biggie, I just patted it out and brushed the ashes of my clothes. sheesh. Got back to the phone and gave the husband the all clear alert and what did he say?!

"You’re just lucky it wasn’t the 80’s. You would have gone up like a torch!"

Gotta love that man, gotta love him.