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Memorial Day Thoughts

Freedom isn’t free.

You know, Memorial Day was started as a special day to honor the men & women who have given their lives in service to our country. When I was growing up, our school always had a special program on Veterans Day and all these old guys would come wearing their little hats and we were all just glad we were out of our classes for the program… until they would start telling stories of the friends they had lost in the war. And then we saw that truly…

Freedom isn’t free.

And then God moved my husband and me next to an Army base. And we made friends with lots of military families. And as we saw how they trained and worked day in and day out, dealing with separations and danger, we learned even more that …

Freedom isn’t free.

And then I got the call one day. Another homeschool mom called to tell me that my friend Kathy’s husband, who was a Blackhawk pilot, was shot down & killed in Iraq along with 5 other men. That’s it, he was gone. They were gone. In service to our country. In the fight for freedom.

Freedom isn’t free.

As their family continues on now without Kyran, they know and feel deep down in their bones daily that freedom isn’t free.

And all of my friend’s who have husbands serving in the military, they all know that freedom isn’t free. They get orders and they know that they’ll be going to Iraq or wherever the need may be. No matter what is going on in their lives – holidays, family difficulties, pregnancies, home repairs, whatever. They get orders to go and they simply go.

Freedom isn’t free.

So today, I took some time and watched my friend Jamie’s church online. Her church had an amazing Memorial Day Service. It’s an amazing service and Lt. Colonel Oliver North is their special guest speaker. But at the very  first of the video, you’ll see the handsome guy in uniform and that’s Jamie’s husband. He was my first REALLY close friend in the military. He was the one who taught us about the commitment and dedication that our men & women in the military display daily in all that they do. He was the first who showed us the heart of  one man in a uniform. A man who loves his wife & kids. A man who loves his family & friends. A man who loves his country. And a man who loves his Lord.

And he serves, even knowing that…
Freedom isn’t free.

This week’s Homeschool Minute was dedicated to military homeschooling families and I got a great note from a lady named Luisa whose son has served and will be serving again in Iraq which put things all in perspective. She said,

"How easy it is for us to sit back and enjoy our freedom and yet never really realize it comes at a cost.  At least not until it "hits home".  My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones in the war and pray that God’s peace will sustain them.  I am comforted in remembering that God gave His Son to fight for our freedom and that He holds the future in His hands.  He is in control of all our lives.  All we can do is pray that His will be done!!"

Yes, even my eternal freedom was won at a great price. I am so grateful. It was a debt I could have never paid.

Our men & women serving each day aren’t selfish. They aren’t fighting merely for themselves, or their family’s freedom. No they fight even to secure freedom for others. Strangers in far away places that could never have that freedom without them.

Greater love hath no man than this,that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15.13

Simply Wonderful Weekend

Well even though I failed to mention it, my husband still managed to have his 38th birthday. I had a great entry planned about 38 things I love about him, but his birthday just happened to fall on the most busy week I’ve probably had in a year and I didn’t get around to blogging it.

Nonetheless, I did plan a special suprsise for him. I invited his mom & his brother’s family up to visit for the weekend. He knew that his mom was coming, but the part about his brother’s family was the suprise. They hadn’t been to the farm in years so it was a real treat for him ~ getting to share the farm he loves with some of the people he loves the most.

We all had such a great time together.

And the kids LOVE playing together.
Methinks the cousins are going to have to
 get together more often this summer.

The Mother’s Day Quilt

Well it’s been a little quiet here on the blog, but it was all for a good cause. I’ve been spending every spare minute trying to finish up my quilt so I could give it to my mom for Mother’s Day. Years ago I gave my dad my first scrapbook, so I wanted to give my mom something equally special ~ my first quilt.

Here’s a picture of the front…
Yes, you can see the shifting that occurred, but I’m still very pleased. I’ve heard some people say that every quilt has a humility square…
well my quilt must be extra special with all of the humility features it has!

Here is the back.
I had to put the floral border on there because I came up just a tad short with the red fabric. I like the country touch that it gives it though.

Here it is on my mother’s bed. She has a full size bed, but it is a bit oversized because of her pillowtop and the such. I think it looks even better on the twin size bed in my old room above.

Here’s to many cozy memories Mom!

This One is a TwoFer

You know a 2 for 1!
InsectLore Ladybug Land

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There’s a new chick in town!

This goes in the file of Things That Only Happen Once You Get A Farm.

The neighbor calls the other day and asks if we would like to have a Silkie Bantam baby chick. Someone at her work had been given one for a child for Easter and they decided it was too messy for them.  We said sure and I refrained from going into an indepth discussion on the benefits of a chicken tractor and having a backyard chicken and trying to change her mind because my oldest had actually been wanting some bantams!

So the other day she came by and brought us this cute little guy.
She said that he is a Splash and that they think he is a rooster.

Is that not just the sweetest thing?!

And he’s just so friendly – he just chirps and chirps and comes right to you.
 You can definitely tell he’s been an only chick and well loved!

And let me just say, The Lovin’ Continues…