Monthly Archives: May 2007

Memorial Day Thoughts 8

Freedom isn’t free. You know, Memorial Day was started as a special day to honor the men & women who have given their lives in service to our country. When I was growing up, our school always had a special program on Veterans Day and all these old guys would come wearing their little hats […]

Simply Wonderful Weekend 3

Well even though I failed to mention it, my husband still managed to have his 38th birthday. I had a great entry planned about 38 things I love about him, but his birthday just happened to fall on the most busy week I’ve probably had in a year and I didn’t get around to blogging […]

The Mother’s Day Quilt 18

Well it’s been a little quiet here on the blog, but it was all for a good cause. I’ve been spending every spare minute trying to finish up my quilt so I could give it to my mom for Mother’s Day. Years ago I gave my dad my first scrapbook, so I wanted to give […]

This One is a TwoFer 4

You know a 2 for 1! Just head on over to the Front Porch to download a free mini insect unit study and enter a contest to win an Insect Lore Ladybug Land! They want to hear from you and your children. The deadline for the contest is Wednesday, May 9th at 12 a.m. EST […]

There’s a new chick in town! 7

This goes in the file of Things That Only Happen Once You Get A Farm. The neighbor calls the other day and asks if we would like to have a Silkie Bantam baby chick. Someone at her work had been given one for a child for Easter and they decided it was too messy for […]