The Mother’s Day Quilt 18

Well it’s been a little quiet here on the blog, but it was all for a good cause. I’ve been spending every spare minute trying to finish up my quilt so I could give it to my mom for Mother’s Day. Years ago I gave my dad my first scrapbook, so I wanted to give my mom something equally special ~ my first quilt.

Here’s a picture of the front…
Yes, you can see the shifting that occurred, but I’m still very pleased. I’ve heard some people say that every quilt has a humility square…
well my quilt must be extra special with all of the humility features it has!

Here is the back.
I had to put the floral border on there because I came up just a tad short with the red fabric. I like the country touch that it gives it though.

Here it is on my mother’s bed. She has a full size bed, but it is a bit oversized because of her pillowtop and the such. I think it looks even better on the twin size bed in my old room above.

Here’s to many cozy memories Mom!

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18 thoughts on “The Mother’s Day Quilt

  • RobinKelly

    Absolutely beautiful. I am impressed. What an accomplishment. Congratulations to your diligence and faithfulness to your mother. She is blessed to have a daughter like you! Happy Mother's Day to you.

  • ladyjane

    What a valiant first effort on the quilt for your mom! It turned out beautifully, and my eye cannot detect any flaws in it. Makes me think of God, and how He views us thorugh his precious son Jesus. Your mom must be so encouraged by your loving gift to her. Have a lovely Mother's Day yourself.



  • tn3jcarter

    What wonderful words of encouragement. Especially about how God sees us through Jesus. That is such a sweet reminder for me.



  • Angelheart

    Good for you for doing so well with you first quilt. I keep wanting to try one and am not brave enough to jump in. I really am not sure where to start. Thanks for the comment on the company porch.


  • Anonymous

    Your quilt is beautiful..Your Mama must be so proud of you, I know I am ..and so glad you are my daughter- in- law. I look forward to you starting another one…Love you MeMaw

  • drewsfamilytx

    I love it, Nancy! And what a special gift for your mom…

    Great job on the colors too– I especially like the red and floral back. I have to agree, it looks PERFECT on that twin bed…and pretty cozy on the swing!


  • HANNAHb95

    Me and Alli FINALLY found a bathing suit on lands end. If you don't wan't to wear a bikini, then your just not going swimming. (b/c that's really all EVERYbody has.) :)

    Thanks for all the help!


  • PlainJane

    What a pretty quilt! Labors of love are the best kind of gift! You mom must be sooo pleased!

    Blessings to You and Yours

    A New Friend,

    jane in MN

  • tlpgina

    When I saw, first quilt, I had to look. I used to teach quilting classes. We are very near Amish here and in one of my classes someone told me that the Amish purposely put a mistake in each quilt because only God is perfect. I kind of liked that (though, I never have to PURPOSELY put a mistake in!) Looks great!


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  • smokeybutter

    When I saw your link to your first quilt in the Homeschool Minute I had to take a peek. You made a beautiful quilt, and I love the colors.

    I've been contemplating whether I had the courage to attempt making a quilt. I have lots of scrap fabric and thought this would be a perfect way to put it all to good use. I'm thinking I should get my husband to get his grandmother's old quilting frame and bring it home. She passed away several years ago, but she and her husband made some of the most wonderful quilts. In fact most all of the quilts we have in our home are quilts they made long before they became ill and passed away. I think it would be a wonderful legacy to give to our children.

    One question: Did you use a pattern or did you just piece it together on your own?



  • OhioSarah

    That is beautiful. I have made one quilt and currently working on my son's. I have to make one for my other daughter as well as 5 on the back burner :) Great job.