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Interesting info

If you usually read my blog, but don’t always go check out what’s new on the Homestead Front Porch, you might want to go read my entry there on Iodine and Its Uses.

After reading this article, I’m thinking that iodine is pretty cheap and we all ought to try and do a little spot check with the stuff to see if we’re deficient or not!

Why check your iodine levels?

Low iodine levels can zap your energy and make you feel tired, edgy and worn out. Low iodine levels can even prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Before you go to your doctor with complaints of tossing and turning all night, aches and pains, and just feeling "blah," you may want to perform this self-test.

Because the symptoms of an iodine deficiency are classically identical to so many other illnesses (like depression, stress, chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia,) many doctors either misdiagnose it or miss it completely and tell you there is nothing wrong.


Check out my tunes

I just added a music player on my sidebar. Does it bother you all that it plays automatically? I could change the settings so that you could just push play if you want to hear the music. Let me know what you all think.

It was pretty easy to get it set up and I had fun picking the songs. I was even thinking I might check to see if they had some bluegrass tunes too. It just seems appropriate for a homestead site. 

Want songs for your blog? Just click on Project Playlist and follow the instructions there.

I wonder if Musketman could find some dulcimer music for his blog? Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if he put a bunch of Weird Al Yankovic on there.

8 Random Things About Me

Well since Denise and Anissa both tagged me, I figured it was finally time to play along.

Here are the rules:

*Post the rules first.

*If you are tagged you have to tell your faithful blogging public 8 random facts about yourself in a post on your blog. It can be habits, an idea, facts or just um… stuff.

*At the end of your post, choose eight other bloggers you’d like to know something about and tag them.

*Leave a comment telling them you’ve tagged them  and that they will need to read your post on your blog.

8 Random Things About Me

  1. My favorite ice cream is Schwann’s Rocky Road.
  2. I was the only girl in the drumline in high school.
  3. I never went to a medical doctor growing up and I think aspirin was about the only medicine we kept in our home.
  4. I can’t wink.
  5. Tony and I are coming up on 17 years of marriage. I was 15 when we started dating.
  6. Each of our sons was born in a different state
  7. I once tried out for a show at Opryland. Didn’t make it of course, but I did try out.
  8. My dad had to talk me into getting online and setting up an email account 12 years ago. I just couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. I can still remember the first time I got online, I couldn’t figure out what to do. I just kept clicking on banner ads.

Let’s see who can I tag — MomtoAll, SouthoftheGnatLine, Boltbabe, CatherineAnn, Tia, and some of my favorite kid bloggers ~  Hannah, The King boys,and Brooke because I seem to monopolize the computer and no one else in my family blogs anymore…

Six is….

Spending time with Memaw

Swimming with friends

Riding a new bike

And lots of smiles at Build a Bear with his brother, Mom, & Gran.