Monthly Archives: August 2007

Power of Motherhood Online Study 2

Have you all heard about the Power of Motherhood Bible Study going on over at It’s going to start tomorrow, Monday, August 20th, and cover a chapter a week from Nancy Campbell’s The Power of Motherhood bible study.  I’ve got to say that I bought this book last year at a homeschool conference and […]

The Horse Lapbook! 8

Well I really did appreciate all of the ideas that you all shared when I asked about horse activities for the kids in my homeschool group. I ended up finding someone else who did activities with the preschoolers and then I decided to try a lapbook with the elementary age kids. Now, I’m no Jamin, […]

Swimming in Deep Waters 2

Today we got together with a few other friends to go swimming again. A friend has generously been sharing their pool with us this summer so we’ve been there quite a bit. Jon (6) hasn’t ever had swim lessons and since he just LOVES the water, I just told him to wear his life jacket […]

Horsey Question 5

I’m getting together some ideas for activities we can do with our homeschool group kids during our monthly meeting on Friday. The topic is going to be horses. Do any of you have any good links or suggestions? We’re trying to get someone to come and bring a horse, but I need some hands-on activities […]

Lest you think my family is normal 3

I give you, my son’s 11th birthday… Yep, nothing says Living in Kentucky like a picture of your kid without shoes…. But the day even started out weirder because he wasn’t home for his birthday. He had gone to TN to visit Memaw and the cousins for a few days and then ended up staying […]