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Power of Motherhood Online Study

Have you all heard about the Power of Motherhood Bible Study going on over at

It’s going to start tomorrow, Monday, August 20th, and cover a chapter a week from Nancy Campbell’s The Power of Motherhood bible study. 

I’ve got to say that I bought this book last year at a homeschool conference and it has been insightful and touched on things that I’ve never heard anywhere else. I’m definitely looking forward to going through the study again.

So many times I find myself wanting to share something I learned from the study, but I just can’t find the words so this will be a good refresher for me.

Whether you have one child or ten, whether your family is complete or you’re still waiting on more little blessings, this bible study will be an encouragement to you about the importance of mothers.

The Horse Lapbook!

Well I really did appreciate all of the ideas that you all shared when I asked about horse activities for the kids in my homeschool group. I ended up finding someone else who did activities with the preschoolers and then I decided to try a lapbook with the elementary age kids. Now, I’m no Jamin, but I do have to say that she inspired me to just jump in and give it a try. We had about 30 kids there and it seemed to work out really well. Everybody had a file folder, crayons, scissors, and glue sticks and we just got to work!
I got the idea for the cover from this website. I like how they had the picture covering the whole front, but only glued it on one side so you don’t have to cut through it! A friend had loaned me her copy of  My First Unit Study: Horses by Sarah Julicher and I got the coloring page for the front from there. I also used a crossword puzzle and the horse anatomy picture from there too. It was a pretty helpful book.

Then I ordered the Hands of A Child Horses Project Pack. I really loved the information in the front of the book. It really helped me get my thoughts together and provided key information, but I didn’t actually use many of their activities.

I only had a little over an hour for the kids to work on their lapbooks so my main purpose was just to give them some information that they could take home and share with their parents. Most of the activities from Hands of a Child are really just blank templates that you have the kids write or color in.

I ended up with 6 different items for the kids to put inside their folders. In the center was a diagram of Parts of a Pony with parts labeled and a book on How to Describe a Horse. On the left was a minibook from HOAC on The Five Most Well-Known Breeds and then a list of vocabulary words that I typed up. (I grew up thinking that a pony was a baby horse so I KNEW I wanted to clear that up!) And then on the right side was a minibook on Horse Gaits and another on What Horses Eat. You’ll see more pictures below.

The kids had a really fun time putting these together. I had the pages cut out and stabled together for the Breeds & Description books just to save time.

Inside the Breed book, I had put pictures of each breed on its page and then the kids just wrote the names of the breed on there.

Here are the pages inside the Describing A Horse Minibook in the middle.

I just copied this page and cut it in half to make it fit.

Then I cut & pasted some text from this page to explain how horses are measured by hands.

Next I included a page on Head & Face Markings for horses.

And then put the Leg Markings on a separate page.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the Horse Gait Minibook from HomeschoolShare.
And this is *supposed* to be the Horse Diet accordion book (also from HomeschoolShare), but I had trouble with folding it just right and decided to just use it as-is.
There was a lot more of course that could have gone in there – I liked this info on Horse Body Language and these horse treat and fly repellent recipes from Wild Heart Ranch.  And I really can’t say enough good things about Homeschool Share if you’re looking for free unit study resources. I got a lot of ideas from their Mrs. Mack Unit Study.

And then we finished up with a visit from our very own horse Billy. After working on their lapbooks the kids could have identified his breed, his markings, how tall he was, why he is a gelding, and what type of food he likes to eat. They *could* have. Instead we talked some about horse etiquette and how you take good care of them. Explained that even though they are big & strong animals that they are prey animals and can be easily startled. Looked at the differences between English & Western saddles and learned more about hooves and manes. The kids all seemed to enjoy it and then Billy really enjoyed when they each came up to pet him and gave him a little apple treat.

*Updated 9/7/10 ~ I apologize that some of these links aren’t working anymore.  I’ll work on fixing them as I have time, but you may just try googling keywords to search for updated links.

Swimming in Deep Waters

Today we got together with a few other friends to go swimming again. A friend has generously been sharing their pool with us this summer so we’ve been there quite a bit. Jon (6) hasn’t ever had swim lessons and since he just LOVES the water, I just told him to wear his life jacket in the deep end.

Well I’d been noticing how well he swam underwater in the shallow end and how the life jacket seemed to slowing him down more than helping him, so today we took off the life jacket and off he went into the deep waters. He didn’t quite know what to think about it at first. He thought I had forgotten that he couldn’t swim or something. So I just had to encourage him that I thought he could and I swam alongside him as his confidence grew.

It was so wonderful to watch. The older kids and moms there were all so encouraging and helped keep an eye on the rookie fish in deep water. And Jon learned that he COULD swim. And that it really was A LOT of fun!

And it just kind of reminded me of how we get so comfortable with our life jackets and how God has to encourage us to let go of those things. It feels so scary to us, but God isn’t worried for us because He knows that He is going to be there with us every step of the way… and He wants us to experience that joy and not to miss out on things.

And for this mama, watching her little one go out into the deep waters was a little like going out into deep waters myself.

Horsey Question

I’m getting together some ideas for activities we can do with our homeschool group kids during our monthly meeting on Friday. The topic is going to be horses. Do any of you have any good links or suggestions?

We’re trying to get someone to come and bring a horse, but I need some hands-on activities to keep the kids ( one group of preschoolers, another group of elementary age)  busy for about 2 hours.


Lest you think my family is normal

I give you, my son’s 11th birthday…

Yep, nothing says Living in Kentucky like a picture of your kid without shoes….

But the day even started out weirder because he wasn’t home for his birthday. He had gone to TN to visit Memaw and the cousins for a few days and then ended up staying a bit more because Uncle Tim had rotator cuff surgery and needed an extra set of hands around the house for a few days. Jake had a big time there, but wow, were we glad to get him home.

Fortunately Gran was heading this way so she delivered him safely for the big day. She had our oldest son for a few days so she got the pleasure of driving 2 hours with 2 talkative Carter kids! Needless to say she didn’t spend the night. Ha!

But back to the craziness that we lovingly call HOME. What says birthday fun more than those trick relighting candles and party poppers?

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Don’t you just love all of the goofy laughter? It’s so good to have them all home again.

Happy Birthday Jake. We love you!!