Monthly Archives: September 2007

Gonna do a little camping

And by little, I do mean A LITTLE. Just a quick little one night trip. That’s simply all we have time to fit in right now, but it will just be wonderful to get away.

The weird thing is, our area is still under a burn ban, so we can’t have a campfire. Do any of you have special recipes, tips or fun ideas for camping without a campfire.

Apparently we DO have a rooster

You know I’m still constantly surprised by things out here on the farm. Just recently I had asked a friend if we could have one of their roosters because it appeared that two of our hens had decided to go broody and we no longer had a rooster. Or SO I thought!

Well we never did get around to going by their house to pick up the rooster, but yet today we were surprised when we woke up to find a red hen walking around with a brand new baby chick! We weren’t sure what our dogs or kittens would think about it all, so we moved the two of them to the chicken tractor/nursery.

Maybe I can get a better picture later, but this was one we snapped quickly this morning.

Notice Mrs. White coming to visit?

It was so funny to watch all of the other chickens come up to the chicken tractor to meet the new arrival. We don’t have a clue where momma had been sitting with this little jewel, but we did look around a bit this morning to see if we could find a nest anywhere. We didn’t and although I wondered if she still had other fertile eggs somewhere, we figured that maybe she didn’t since she walked off with this one.

I’m just amazed how God continues to grow our little barnyard even though we still haven’t figured out what we’re doing. We figure that the little fuzzy footed black & white chick from earlier this spring must be a rooster, although he’s not even crowing…. nobody’s crowing. Hmmm… time will tell I suppose.

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