Monthly Archives: October 2007

St. Louis – Day 4 3

On Day Four, Jon stayed in the hotel with me while Tony and the two big boys went off for their own adventure. Their main adventures for the day were the St. Louis Arch and Lone Elk Park. Other than that, they just had a lot of fun driving around and exploring different areas of […]

More from our St. Louis trip! 1

If you missed out on Days 1 & 2,  you can read them here. Well after two days of being in the car and walking, my fibro decided to just go into a total fit. I hate that. I feel rotten that I can’t keep up with the boys and take advantage of all the […]

Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis….

Guess where we just returned from? Ding, ding, that’s right – good ol’ St. Louis. It was just a ball of fun I tell ya. Too much fun at times for this fibromyalgia wimp, but the boys could have stayed for days and days more. I wish I could think of really great entries for […]

Want to know more about chickens? 7

Well if you’ve got a few minutes you can watch Jon’s presentation from our homeschool group’s Science Fair the other day. It was his first big presentation in front of the group so I stayed up there with him for moral support and to coach him a bit. OK, I can’t embed the video. You […]

Afternoon on the Farm 8

Oh farm, farm, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. One cute country kitten Four guinea keets who always stay together One young rooster learning to cock a doodle doo Sixteen feathered friends Plus a friendly feline too One smart little hen who found the hanging feeder And six mums, four pumpkins, […]