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St. Louis – Day 4

On Day Four, Jon stayed in the hotel with me while Tony and the two big boys went off for their own adventure.

Their main adventures for the day were the St. Louis Arch and Lone Elk Park. Other than that, they just had a lot of fun driving around and exploring different areas of the St. Louis suburbs and gawking at HUGE-MONGOUS houses (translated: mansions).

Here are the boys at the base of the arch.

Here’s the view looking out from the top over the Capitol er ummm… the Old Courthouse.

And then looking towards Busch Stadium – Home of the St. Louis Cardinals!

Here’s one of the Elk from Lone Elk Park.

And some of their buffalo friends.
Big aren’t they?!

If you’re looking for other things to do in St. Louis, visit Days 1 & 2 and Day 3 entries.

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Well after two days of being in the car and walking, my fibro decided to just go into a total fit. I hate that. I feel rotten that I can’t keep up with the boys and take advantage of all the fun things there are to do. Nonetheless, the vacation must go on, so Tony took the boys out on Day 3 to do things while I recuperated in the room.

Day 3:

  • First of all let me just say, if any of you all are planning trips to St. Louis, you need to check the schedules closely. Many attractions are closed on Monday & Tuesday.
  • They started off at Fast Lane Cars and saw everything from classic cars to muscle cars, and even the oo la la fancy new cars.
  • After that they hit the St. Louis Mills to do a little browsing, mainly at the Cabelas and then the NASCAR Speedpark.
  • And lest anyone should think that I’m the one into shopping, then they went on to The Galleria. Our boys were quite wowed with this mall – The Sharper Image, The Bose Store and so much more. It was quite a change from the little stores in our neck of the woods. I think they oohed and ahhhed over every nifty little tech gadget there was!
  • After that, they changed gears a bit and headed to the St. Louis Science Center. It’s a great museum (especially since it’s free!) It’s one of those hands-on types where you get to really do lots of things. Right up our alley.
  • Then it was off to Union Station. Tony and I used to  visit there when we lived in St. Charles, but Tony said that it had really gone down. It was rather anti-climatic after all the fun and cool things they had seen that day, but they were ready to wind down anyway.

Wow, it makes me tired just looking at all of that. But they had a great time! And they brought some soup from the St. Louis Bread Company back to the room for me. Yum.  Did you know that that Panera actually got it’s start as the St. Louis Bread Company? It did. Just a little trivia for ya! Not too many pictures from this day. Just a few from the Science Center.

We can remember when the Mighty T Rex
scared the daylights out of Joe as a preschooler,
but it didn’t intimidate Jake & Jon at all.

They had some fun on this wheel.

And even built their own arch.
Notice the numbers on the bottoms of the blocks for the remedial arch builders.

Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis….

Guess where we just returned from?

Ding, ding, that’s right – good ol’ St. Louis.

It was just a ball of fun I tell ya. Too much fun at times for this fibromyalgia wimp, but the boys could have stayed for days and days more.

I wish I could think of really great entries for each day, but the truth is – my brain is still recovering from fun, fun, fun and listening to Tony & the boys for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT.

So without further ado, here’s a little bit of days one and two.

Day One:

  • 4 hour drive to St. Louis
  • A stop at our family favorite – the Cracker Barell for lunch
  • Illinois? It’s flat. Very flat. We feel sorry for them – not too many trees there. Lots & lots of wind.
  • We wondered if we would see the leaves changing colors, but umm… .without trees, not much leaves.
  • Drove the boys around the Arch & downtown St. Louis. Took them by our old apartment & house from when we lived in St. Charles. Showed them where Tony used to work, visited some of his old neighborhoods where he worked for Schwans, and then drove through downtown historic St. Charles. Very cool section.
  • Grabbed a bit to eat and headed back to the hotel room. We actually stayed in Fairview Heights, IL which was considerably cheaper than staying on the MO side and was only 10 minutes away. We actually really liked it there. Super nice people!

Day Two:

  • Ahhhh, the St. Louis Zoo. Can I just say that I sooooo appreciate a nice zoo? I do believe that the St. Louis one is one of the top in the nation. It’s definitely an all day experience and could be even more.
  • Walking, walking, walking, ride the train, look at animals. See a show. Do some fun neat stuff.
  • And it gets even better – there was a Build A Bear RIGHT THERE IN THE ZOO. And I love, love, love Build a Bear. Maybe it has something to do with my inner child or something, but the fact that my six year old loves it too makes it VERY convenient.
  • Driving back to the hotel – OH MY ACHING FEET!!!
  • But what light through yonder window breaks – HARK, it twas a Ted Drewes Frozen Custard Stand. It’s a St. Louis thing and oh SO yummy! Y’all just have to stop by there if you’re in the St. Louis area.
  • And then much to the delight of a certain six-year old, there was some swimming before bedtime. Ahhh, life is good.
Tony & the boys on the train at the zoo

The Sea Lion Show was our FAVORITE!

And then oh sweet joy – Tedd Drewes Frozen Custard.

More to come later….

Want to know more about chickens?

Well if you’ve got a few minutes you can watch Jon’s presentation from our homeschool group’s Science Fair the other day. It was his first big presentation in front of the group so I stayed up there with him for moral support and to coach him a bit.

OK, I can’t embed the video. You can go HERE to watch it at YouTube.

Here are pictures of all three boys though ~

Jon and his chicken display

Jake and Layered Liquids

Joe and his potato cannon

Afternoon on the Farm

Oh farm, farm, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

One cute country kitten
Four guinea keets
who always stay together

One young rooster
learning to cock a doodle doo

Sixteen feathered friends
Plus a friendly feline too

One smart little hen who found the hanging feeder

And six mums,
four pumpkins,
and one cheery scarecrow
to be our greeter!