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November 27, 1987 11

I was cruising the Kroger parking lot in Paris,TN with 3 of my buddies. We stopped to talk to my friend Jennifer’s cousin Tracy. Her friends, Tony and Mark, just happened to be there that night too. We all talked for awhile. Then the subject of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, The Running Man, came […]

This Entry Is Brought To You By The Letter Z 2

While many other bloggers may be knocking your socks off with hilarious stories of family antics, heartwarming tales of special memories, or tempting photos of all sorts of Thanksgiving splendor, I shall be telling you of the many many hours of sleep that I got. Can we just say that I am thankful for time […]

Walking Down Memory Lane 6

Bear with me, we watched an old video from a few years ago and it has absolutely got me in a sentimental mood. Old pictures of the boys and hormones – not a good match! Just pass the kleenex please… Is this not just the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen? Jon – age 2 That’s […]