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A little of this and that

Just wanted to share a few things I’ve found online recently.

You all might not know this about me, but I am a fan of the word games. Crossword puzzles, they make me happy. My good buddy, Amy, passed this Crossword Challenge on to me the other day and although it took me a while to get the hang of it (they don’t give you clues), I’m quite a fan of it now.

In other news, that same friend, Amy, has just adopted a beautiful baby girl. We have all been blessed to pray for them and follow along with their journey and it’s so wonderful to finally see little JGirl in their arms.

Likewise, I have another friend, Tina,  who just adopted a little girl from Ethiopia. It was so precious to see these first pictures of them holding their little girl in their arms too. There is so much more to the story though. You have to just read through her blog to see all of it.

It’s truly been a blessing to follow along with their adoption journeys and to be reminded of how the Lord adopts each of us into His family.

And I’ve found another really interesting adoption blog too. I think I’ve told some of my local friends about Beyond Decaf. This family truly has an amazing story and a wealth of knowledge too. I was fascinated reading about how they are dealing with the attachment issues,  the memory of the birth parent, and  truthfully the reality of it all. Doing God’s work is hard sometimes, isn’t it? Yet, these folks follow Him bravely. I think you’ll be inspired by their story.

On a much different note, have you all discovered Melissa Markham’s Fabulous Freebie entries? Just scroll down through her entries and you’ll find all sorts of handy goodies. Samples from Arbonne, a Gooseberry Patch Recipe Booklet, Post-It Notes goodies, True Lemon samples, and somewhere on there was even a coupon for a free item from Bath & Body works. I just can’t find the link now. These are GREAT though. Way to go Melissa!!

And speaking of great freebies, if you all haven’t subscribed to our digital magazine yet, you really should! Our special offer is winding down, but if you subscribe now, you get one whole year of TOS digital, starting with the Winter issue, 2 BACK issues, and the International Geography Quest project pack ebook from Hands of a Child AND Organic Gifts ebook from Vintage Remedies!! If you’ve ever wanted to try unit studies or making your own gifts for others – or just making some handy organic herbal type things for your own family, you absolutely DON’T want to miss out. The price to subscribe is $14.95 for only 2 more days and after that it will go up to full price. And the prices of the Bonus gifts alone would be $37, so why not go ahead and save?!

And finally, (this may be one of my longest ever blog entries) I’ve got some links here that I’m always telling my friends about, but I just don’t get them updated on my sidebar like I should.

On Our Journey Westward
– This is Cindy’s blog. She’s the one that invited me to go speak to their homeschool co-op and she is WAY organized. Here’s the link to the funny song, I told you all about. And you can find lots of other homeschool inspiration on her blog. Just check out all her different categories.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman – She’s a homeschool mom too, but her blog isn’t very homeschool-y, it’s more ranch, cowboyish with bea-U-tiful pictures. I check her blog every morning to see if it has been updated. And if you’re a foodie, you might enjoy her delightful cooking blog and if you’re into photoshop, you might enjoy her photo blog too. In fact, she’s got a whole jazzy new site, so you can just have lots of clickable fun!

BooMama – If it was still the 80’s, I think I’d dub her Queen Laughs-a-Lot. She is a sweet Christian momma and she sometimes gets serious too –  like her recent trip to Africa with Compassion, but boy, oh boy, she is FU-NNY, with a capital F! Sometimes I read her blog to Tony and sometimes, I email links to friends – like this one on the Home Hair Color Intervention. It’s good stuff y’all.

Antique Mommy
– She calls herself an antique, but she’s not really. Of course, I’m getting older now so all of a sudden, everyone seems young and hip to me. Anyhow (putting my own issues aside), you need to read her intro to really "get" her story. Her story will touch your heart and her little boy – oh. my. word. he just says some of the BEST stuff.

Y’all have a great week!

Spring on the Farm

Well it’s hard to believe that it was just a few weeks ago
that I was celebrating our first big snow of the season!

Spring has sprung and it’s absolutely beautiful!!
 I just love seeing the green grass return each year.

Billy watching all the activity in the yard.

Jon feeding the chickens.

Baab enjoying a walk in the yard and  the cats enjoying stalking Baab.

Another cat playing in the chicken house.

What About Baab?

Guess what was waiting on me when I returned from speaking to a homeschool group in the Lexington area? (Which was SO much fun and really a wonderful treat for me! I’ll be blogging more about it later.)

(Ignore the date. The camera settings are messed up again!)

You can’t tell much about him in this picture, but he’s a one-month old lamb. Tony & the boys named him Baaab, because he is SUCH a talker! If any of you have any good links to information on taking care of little lambs, please share them with me. Right now, all we know is to give him a bottle three times a day.

If any of you have followed along with my blog, you probably know that I have ALWAYS wanted a little lamb because I wanted my kids to see how lambs truly learn their shepherds voice and follow him faithfully.

So, I was very happily surprised to hear this sweet little lamb’s baaas over the phone the other night and I know I’m totally blessed to have a family that knows what means so much to me.

I’ll write more later! Just had to share the good news really quickly!!

Snow, Sweet Snow


Picture by our creek. It reminded the boys of Narnia.

It finally happened. We got enough snow to actually get out and play in. AND it happened on a Saturday so Tony was home to play in it too!

I think we had about 6 inches and it was just perfect for sledding.

I’m the incognito (but warm!) one in the middle…

Even the animals wanted to play with us in the snow. I think Billy (the horse) really enjoyed the extra fun of everyone coming into his pasture to play. He kept trying to talk me into making snow cream, but I was too busy sledding.

Somehow the boys kept getting the sled away from me though –

And while this part was a lot of fun…

It was THIS part that made me REALLY wish we had a ski lift system or something for getting up this hill…

But, how is this for cute?

Some folks are just doggone cute even all bundled up and covered in snow – as opposed to looking like some kind of crazy mad stalker…

And I’ll leave you with this funny that I saw over on Randy Alcorn’s blog

With all the sadness going on in the world, it’s worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote "The Hokie Pokey" died peacefully at the age of 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started.

In the Eyes of My 6 Year Old

So I was checking out Marsha’s blog and saw her hilarious entry about how her little guy saw a picture of Dwight D. Eisenhower and thought it was his dad.

I laughed … and I sympathized.

See the other day, Tony came home from TSC with their latest edition of Out Here.

Now take a look at the cover…

and then look at this picture from my UnlikelyHomesteader blog…

Poor Jon thought I was not only writing for TOS, but that I was now getting my picture right on the cover of a different magazine. (sigh)

Alas, that’s not the case. That lady is the owner of Painted Hand Farm (which sounds really cool – and not just because it’s in Pennsylvania) and they’ve got not only chickens and a garden, they’re big time farm folks with sheep, cows, and the such too. When I checked out her site and blog, I was really impressed with not only all they’ve done, but with how many magazines they’ve been featured in, and how quickly they seemed to have learned so much.  They only started out with all this farming stuff about 4 years before we did and we’re still trying to raise a decent garden and a few meatbirds, keep some laying hens, and just learn how to take care of this place.

Some folks apparently do a better job of riding the learning curve!

Nonetheless, I’m flattered that my son thinks I could actually be a Cover Girl for any kind of magazine and I’m a little more inspired to stick with this whole farming thing. It’s always just interesting to see things through your 6 year old’s eyes. It’s not like he thought I was a president or anything, but an official farm girl is good enough for me.

(And on the totally shallow side, look how tan she is and how long her hair is?! I am NOT blessed with either!)