Monthly Archives: April 2008

Make Me A Blessing to Someone Today 5

Do any of you ever struggle with wondering if you are doing "enough" to serve others? I really think most of us who struggle with that question are just underestimating what we’re doing to serve since it doesn’t have an official title. God tells us in 1 Cor 12  that all parts of the body […]

Guess What We Brought Home from the Auction? 5

Remember I told you all about the auction last week? Well we found a new addition to our farm there. Meet the new kid (or lamb actually) on the farm. He made it through our enthusiastic welcoming committee. And we’ve named him…. Spot! Suits him, don’t you think? And Baab is VERY happy to have […]

A Field Trip to the Zoo 2

Oh I love the zoo. I love homeschooling and getting to share these field trips together as a family and with dear friends. The kids just love playing on the playground there and I figure it counts as P.E. We did see lots of neat animals too though. Tigers Leopards My favorite – the elephants […]

Local Events 2

Just wanted to pass along some info for those of you who might be in our area. Remember when I told you about the amish auction around here a few years ago? You can read part one and part two to refresh your memory. Well another one is coming up tomorrow. The Spring Crofton Consignment […]

Bring the Rain 8

I was browsing blogs this morning and I do believe that I have "had church" for the day. If you listen to the music in my sidebar, one of the songs there is "You Raise Me Up" by Selah. That song first ministered to me  years ago when I was driving down the road just […]