Monthly Archives: August 2008

Important Prayer Request 8

Please pray for Marsha and her family. They lost their sweet little Dozer last night. I didn’t want to believe it, but sadly it is true. Marsha has been such an encouragement to so many of us and her love for and the joy she (and her husband David) takes in them just literally pours […]

Farm Style Drive In 14

This was lots of fun. We watched Night at the Museum on the side of our barn all snuggly with quilts and fresh popcorn in our folding chairs from the back end of Joe’s pick up truck. What great memories. We’ll be doing this again! Anybody want to join us at our Farm Style Drive […]

Faith just will not tolerate some things! 6

Although we most recently caught HER in the trap going after some of our hen’s precious eggs, Faith was highly insulted when we discovered THIS nasty varmint the other morning. And oh my word, even though our two girl dogs fight and bicker with each other as sisters sometimes will, they made quite the dynamic […]

For Those of You With Little Ones 3

Don’t miss There Is Only One Childhood over at Starry Sky Ranch. She’s got some great thoughts (and a wonderful statistic) about the importance of not depriving our children of their childhood in favor of rigorous academics at an early age. I love what she says, "Does this mean no Montessori trays and holding them […]

Pray for our Men & Women over in Afghanistan! 2

I just got word that one of our homeschool dads who serves in the Army is at Camp Salerno in Afghanistan where the militants have been attacking. Apparently, today was Independence Day in Afghanistan, and there have been several attacks and suicide bombings near his base, actually one right outside the gate where he is […]