Monthly Archives: September 2008

There ARE some great things on TV!

Last night, I just caught bits and pieces of the new Duggar series 17 Kids and Counting on TLC. It was encouraging to watch and I’m looking forward to seeing all of the episodes. This season, we’ll get to see their oldest get engaged, learn how courtship works for their family, and watch as they get together with another mega-family from TN and play paintball. I just love getting to watch this sweet family grow!

Then, this morning I finally got around to watching the Franklin Springs Family Hour show that I taped last Wednesday night. If you have satellite, it’s on the NRB network, but I understand that they are also airing the episodes on Sky Angel as well so check your listings. Last week’s episode was The Journey Home and concluded with an update from the Waller family. It was just such a huge blessing.

If you can’t watch the episodes on TV, you can buy many of their videos in the Schoolhouse Store OR rent them on Netflix. But I’m extra excited because TOS will actually sponsoring 4 of the episodes on TV.

Just thought I’d pass along the news in case any of you were interested! With so much junk on TV, I was just really blessed by the Christian testimonies that are being shared by these programs. What a blessing!

Prepare Yourself for the Cuteness

My niece, Mikey, went and blessed us with a new niece on Monday.
She’s cute y’all.

An 8 pounder with chubby little cheeks and just a touch of blondish hair.

And she is VERY loved.

Just look at this little smile. I think she KNOWS it!

And when she slurps on her bottom lip… Oh y’all, I just melt.

And I hurry, hurry to try and capture it on camera. Because I know that they grow up ALL too soon.

And her daddy? He’s beaming like he won the lottery or something. (And he ummm, kind of did. I bet this is the nicest baby born in all the world on Monday!)

Nevermind the bandages on her feet. The folks at the hospital say she’s a bit jaundiced and that they need to keep checking her bilirubin. I think that they’re just looking for reasons to see her though. She’s just THAT precious!

And look at her parents, aren’t they just champs? Out and about when she’s only 5 days old!

There’s just something very special about watching a family grow. It wasn’t that long ago that her sister was just a little baby.

But that’s enough photos for now. Gwen says it’s time to eat!

A Happy Sight This Morning

Tractors by the Barn

They’re not ours. But I enjoy seeing them nonetheless.

And that wasn’t even ALL of them.

Here’s another:

Four tractors! All right in our backyard.

They give me a little bit of tractor envy. But I just love seeing them.
My nephew, Will, would love them too!

Recognize any of these Suzanne?