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Hormones, woa,oh, oh, Hormones…

I’ve been thinking for years that hormones play a huge part in how we feel every day. I’ve read some really great books on the subject and have considered taking bioidentical hormones.

The other day, Mel, shared a really great link to 5 Tips for Balancing Hormones Naturally with Food. I thought that some of you might be interested in reading it too.

It’s really sad to realize just how much "junk" is in our food these days. Animals are fed all kinds of hormones and medicines in order to get them fattened up and to market as quickly as possible. Realizing all of this was what started us down the path of organic gardening and raising our own chickens for meat and eggs.

Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food."

I’ve got a loooooong way to go in this area, but I just keep reminding myself that every little step I take can help.

How about you? Have any of you tried the bioidentical hormones or had really good results from taking Iodine or Maca?

Meet Sammy the Salamander

My husband was at the local amish store today when he heard a bit of a ruckus. They had just gotten a big shipment of plants and apparently this little guy was hitch hiking in one of the root balls.

For a second, they thought it was a snake and some of the women present were about to bust a gasket. But Tony quickly identified it as a salamander and snatched him up before he got whacked with a broom!

Tony called home and told us to do some research to find out what kind of salamander it was and what we would need to take care of it.

Jake did a little research online and we discovered that it is an Eastern Tiger Salamander and is actually native to our area.

I posted about it on facebook and one of my friends sent me a link to an article on How to Care for Salamanders. Don’t you just love the Internet?! This world wide webby thing is soooo handy!

So Tony picked up a small plastic box, some aquarium stones, and salamander food and we’ve got Sammy all settled in. We’ll probably just watch him for a while and then let him go down by our creek, but it’s a nice learning experience anyway.

I hope we can find The Salamander Room at our library. It looks like it would go REALLY well with this adventure!

Edited to add: I just searched on YouTube for Tiger Salamanders and found lots of helpful videos. Who knew?!

Preparing for Adult Life

Last week, I blogged about how much I was enjoying The Duggars: Twenty and Counting.

With my oldest approaching graduation next year, I really appreciated reading about how they prepare their children for adult life. Sometimes I feel like we’re overwhelming Joe as we’re discussing what he wants to do careerwise and all that needs to be considered.  However, I just loved how the Duggars were able to list some major things they talk about as a family as their kids are getting older.

  1. Asking God for guidance. Whatever job you are going to do is a ministry to others and the people you come in contact with will be there by divine appointment, not by chance.
  2. If you’re going to be working in a job for 30 or 40 years, it’s really nice if it is something you enjoy.
  3. Try to shadow someone in the field you’re interested in to find out if it’s really as appealing as expected.
  4. Consider any health hazards associated with a job.
  5. Consider if it requires a lot of time away from family.
  6. Consider if the income will allow you to support yourself or a family or if there is some way you can spend your time more wisely.

They also talked about how they value academics, and definitely prepare their children academically for whatever they’ll need, BUT that they are just as concerned about preparing them for life – being able to run a household or fix things around the house.

Sometimes I really can’t imagine that I’m only a year or so away from graduating our oldest. The years really have flown by and there is still so much more that we want to teach him and share with him.  I’ve contemplated just locking him in his room so that we can keep him around here a little longer, but alas… I kind of think this growing up stuff is inevitable. I’ve got to be brave.

The Handbook of Vintage Remedies

The Handbook of Vintage Remedies
by Jessie Hawkins, MH

This 270 page handbook is cram-packed with natural remedies for everything from ADHD to yeast infections. Written and organized in user-friendly style, you’re sure to find yourself thumbing through it time and time again as you take care of yourself and your family. Wondering what to do, when your child is complaining of an earache? You’ll find answers here. Looking for recipes to make your own bug repellent spray? They’re in here too.

Plus, I loved Jessie’s handy list for stocking your own herbal medicine chest and the recipes in back for natural household cleaners and bath products. This book really does cover it all with a practical and trustworthy approach.

I found a really interesting tidbit in the Cold/Flu section that seems especially timely with Easter (and the accompanying candy approaching). Jessie says,

Additionally, I find it a strange coincidence that the winter viral season often begins right around the time Halloween candy is distributed and often ends right after New Year’s or Valentine’s Day. During these closely set holidays, we are prone to indulge in extra sugary treats. Sugar products lower our immune systems by up to 40% for up to 4 hours after intake. When we combine a decrease in immune function with close indoor interaction with other individuals (and their assorted germs) and other holiday stresses, it really is difficult to wonder why we become ill every year around this time.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I think you’ll find yourself thinking that about the whole book. You’ll want to have your pen and a highlighter handy so you can mark the pages as needed and make your list for your next trip to the health food store.

You’ll find a wealth of other helpful information as well as ordering information on Jessie’s website.

Excellence in Blogcasting Award

My dear friend Mel has recently honored me with this bloggy award.  Of course, she’s also recently started up a new blog so you’ll want to go visit her over at Wandering Quail Road to learn more about her greeny, always be prepared, military way of life.

She has a fantastic writing style and I love her dearly for teaching me the ropes while she was leading the troops at TOS. I love her even more for being honest and real and not dumping me through many ups and downs. She’s a straight-shooter and she’s one of those friends that you KNOW is a real friend.

Anyway, enough of my getting all blubbery. Here’s the award and the "rules" for posting it.

The rules to follow are:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

As far as the 15 blogs that I am going to award this to, I don’t know many of them personally, but they are some of my favorites from my bloglines subscription and I always like to share the blogs that encourage  me, challenge me, touch my heart, or brighten my day.

So without further ado: here are my 15 choices for the Excellence in Blogcasting Award!

  1. Suzanne McMinn at Chickens in the Road: I just love her narrative style and her ongoing adventures with her goat, Clover. I never really new that dairy goats could be such divas, but I totally get it now.
  2. Angie at Bring the Rain: You might know her better as Audrey Caroline’s mom, but through the rain, all you’ll see is God’s grace workin in a real momma’s life. She has really been a blessing to me.
  3. Mary Beth Chapman at MaryBeth: I’ve been a Steven Curtis Chapman fan since way back. First I loved his music. Then I really admired him. Then I heard about he & Mary Beth’s heart for orphans and I loved them even more. And then, I had just discovered Steven’s blog when the unthinkable happened – their sweet little Maria died. After that I closely followed their road manager, Jim Houser’s blog for updates and to know how to pray. And now I’m following along with Mary Beth, as she shares her heart and hope in the midst of a full busy life while longing for her Maria.  She really helps me to keep things in perspective.
  4.  Marsha from Our Homeschool and Other Such Happenings: Marsha is a bloggy friend from WAY back. I started blogging back on May 18, 2005 and she came just two short months later on July 18,2005. HSB was just getting rolling back then, but everyone knew Marsha because of her friendly comments all over the place. Since then she has grown to be so much more. She has encouraged me time and time again with her heartfelt insights and funny stories about her boys. And she TOTALLY makes me realize that I need to take more pictures and have a way of saving them. She knows what a special gift those can be. 
  5. Letitia from Sand Between My Toes: Ok, Letitia started her blog about a year later in March 2006, but we quickly realized that even though we are opposites in some ways (she has all girls and I have all boys), we are quite the kindred spirits! She LOVES the beach like I do, and she’s great (like Marsha) about taking lots of wonderful pictures. She is a real encourager and is someone that I really do hope to meet in real life one day!
  6. Julie from Raising Three Knights and a Princess: Julie actually IS an in real life friend and I’ve loved watching her grow her love of photography via her blog. We used to be neighbors and really shared life together in each other’s backyards just as she & Tripp were starting their family. Whenever I smell a Midsummer Night candle, I always think of them. I blame my love for Yankee Candles on the Worthy family.
  7. The Crafty Crow: I don’t know her at all, but she has tons of craft ideas. Whenever I’m looking for a craft idea, I start there. Her entries are sure to brighten any day even if you aren’t feeling crafty.
  8. Ree from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman: You’ve probably already heard of her. She’s mighty famous, but if you love fabulous recipes, a real-life love story, and pictures of life in the country. She’s your gal. Really. She gives photoshop tips, has great contests, and stuff too. She’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Just keep clicking around on her little headers and sidebars until you find what you’re looking for.
  9. Boomama: Her name kind of threw me off back when I was first blogging. I was afraid that I’d click on her link and she’d jump out and go "Boo!" or something! Nonetheless, I tiptoed quietly over there one day and learned that oh, sweet mercy, she’s not scary at all. She’s southern, and she has a little boy that she nicknamed, Boo (THAT’S why she’s BooMama), and she loves her some Jesus, American Idol, and Beth Moore. And HERE is one of my very favorite BooMama posts of all times. Get ready to laugh about some hair disasters.  (And if someone could send me the link to her post about waxing, I’d be forever in your debt. It can make a girl laugh no matter WHAT is going on!)
  10. Antique Mommy: Her name kind of explains that she was a little older than most when she was blessed beyond measure with her little guy. Her tag some sometimes sweet, sometimes tart, but always real. I love that she can weave all of it together. 
  11. Barbara Curtis at MommyLife:  I admire how she writes in such a strong journalistic style on a variety of topics. I first discovered her because of how she celebrates motherhood and embraces homeschooling (even when she isn’t doing it herself) and her ability to take-on hard topics without flinching. I don’t agree with her on everything, but I totally respect how she digs into her research. She’s had some really good stuff on health too!
  12. Ray over at The Corn Blog: Now he’s probably gonna say something really sarcastic about being lumped in with all these mommy bloggers, but he’s one of my favorite bloggers too.  He’s got a quirky sense of humor, an uncanny ability to find weird news online, a daddy’s heart, and the vocabulary to keep you reading. Just don’t play Scrabble with him on Facebook. Unless you can beat him. In which case, please take a screen shot of the winning announcement and email it to me. Someone has to keep him humble, and I don’ think it’s going to be me!
  13.  Heidi, Toby, & Lynae at Under the Pines: Heidi started with this blogging stuff quietly with her usual online stealth. Even though we are in-real-life friends, I sometimes think I’ve gotten to know her even better through her blog. Her recent post on her Economic Wish List is a classic. But in true Heidi fashion, she’s done a great job of getting her two oldest into the blogging act and I love hearing their unique spin on things too. 
  14. Julie at Three Fold Cord: I’m not exactly sure when we met online, but I can remember just reading through tons of her entries once I found her blog. In real life friends of mine will know her as "the one who has a dog that looks just like Mary Jane". They are a few steps ahead of us on the learning curve with sheep, horses, cows, and a garden, but she never talks like a know-it-all. I really appreciate that. There’s always more to learn and I just appreciate her sharing the ups AND the downs so we can learn along with her.
  15. Meredith at Like Merchant Ships: Ok, this list is getting REALLY long, but I really do love Meredith’s blog. She amazes me with how she keeps things simple, beautiful, and inexpensive without coming across as cheap.  I really like how she shares links to other helpful resources online too. Very practical AND inspiring. 

Have fun out there in Bloggyville y’all!