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CHEK Conference 2009

I wanted to write a big ol’ long entry about how inspired and encouraged I was by the CHEK Conference in Louisville, but alas, I’ve been kind of busy ever since I got home and I am plum tuckered out.

I can share a few pictures with you though. I really enjoyed getting to meet a lot of nice homeschoolers and vendors. I managed to get a picture with Cindy West from Our Journey Westward and Malia Russell from Homemaking 911.

However I forgot to even take a picture of the TOS booth. Can you believe that? Ugh! And it looked really nice too. You can catch a little bit of it in this picture I took when Bro. Joe Adams (one of the CHEK directors) stopped by our booth to say Hello.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and staying cool in spite of this crazy heat. I’ve been sending out emails to let people in the Hopkinsville area know about Norm Wakefield coming to speak to our group. If any of you are within driving distance, we’d love to have you come join us.

He’s going to speak on giving your child a firm foundation (Christ!) for their lives and building a legacy of God’s love.

It’s going to be wonderful.

The Crossing Church in the Bradford Square Mall has graciously offered to let us use their building and we’ll be there on Saturday, June 27th from 4-6. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity if you’re in the area! It’s free!!

The encouragement just keeps coming…

Traveling with The Old Schoolhouse

Last weekend I had a lot of fun with my friend, Candace, at the Lexington Homeschool Fair. We met a lot of nice folks. *Waving* in case some of them just happened to have clicked over to my blog from The Homeschool Minute.

This coming weekend she and I will be at the CHEK Conference in Louisville. If you’re going to be there, please stop by our booth and say, "Hi!" I’m hoping that we’ll sell lots of subscriptions there!  Paul & Paulie Suarez are going to be there too and they’re bringing lots of Homeschooling with Heart tote bags so you all won’t want to miss out on those.

See how pretty they are?

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer. We’ve been taking advantage of the Great Escape Theater’s Free Summer Movies and having fun with friends at local parks. We even did a little fishing last weekend.

Perhaps we need to work on our technique…

Introducing Clyde

He’s not much a talker, but he’s quite a looker isn’t he?

I love him. I loved him from the first moment that I spied him at a local yard sale.
I knew that he had to be mine.

At first, my husband couldn’t understand the attraction.
But after noticing that I was practically drooling over ALL of the metal animals –
(donkeys, sheep, and flying pigs – oh my!)
he began to think strategically and bought him quickly before I could
begin to make plans to own a whole collection of welded animals.

He’s one smart cookie.
I *heart* him.

Wow, June is here!

I’m not sure where May went. I looked back through my pictures
and apparently it rained a lot in May.
This is a picture of what is supposed to be the little creek in our front yard.

We had a TON of rain in a short period of time and that water just didn’t know where to go.

For a little bit, we had an awesome waterfall going on. It looked like a raging river!

The boys couldn’t wait to investigate it once the water quit moving so quickly.

And soon enough, all of the animals came out of the barn to check things out again.

You see that wooly sheep? He needs to be sheared this year. And I’m a little scared.
Any volunteers?