Monthly Archives: June 2009

CHEK Conference 2009

I wanted to write a big ol’ long entry about how inspired and encouraged I was by the CHEK Conference in Louisville, but alas, I’ve been kind of busy ever since I got home and I am plum tuckered out. I can share a few pictures with you though. I really enjoyed getting to meet […]

Traveling with The Old Schoolhouse 7

Last weekend I had a lot of fun with my friend, Candace, at the Lexington Homeschool Fair. We met a lot of nice folks. *Waving* in case some of them just happened to have clicked over to my blog from The Homeschool Minute. This coming weekend she and I will be at the CHEK Conference […]

Introducing Clyde 8

He’s not much a talker, but he’s quite a looker isn’t he? I love him. I loved him from the first moment that I spied him at a local yard sale. I knew that he had to be mine. At first, my husband couldn’t understand the attraction. But after noticing that I was practically drooling […]

Wow, June is here! 6

I’m not sure where May went. I looked back through my pictures and apparently it rained a lot in May. This is a picture of what is supposed to be the little creek in our front yard. We had a TON of rain in a short period of time and that water just didn’t know […]