Monthly Archives: September 2009

Watch Out Mr. Goodbody! 3

Did I tell you all that we joined a co-op this year? Well, we did and it’s kind of a big deal for us because it’s a 45 minute drive there AND it starts at 9 in the morning! Yikes! Nonetheless, it’s been a really good experience and we have learned that we CAN get […]

Lessons Learned From My Dad 7

I was thinking about my dad the other day, well actually I think about him every day, but something just kind of clicked this time. When I was a teenager, I was in A LOT of activities: band, theater, choir, dance, etc… And even though none of those were really his idea of fun, he […]

One More Chance 5

I know a lot of you (over 3000!) took advantage of the Labor Day $7.95 special, but in case you missed it, here’s one more chance. I have a coupon code to make The Old Schoolhouse Magazine $7.95 for a one-year U.S. print subscription. It’s FB795 and it’s good through this Friday, Sep. 18. This […]

Photo Scavenger Hunt 7

This month I volunteered to plan an activity for our homeschool teens during our support group meeting. Since we all know each other pretty well, I asked the parents if they would be ok with me organizing a photo scavenger hunt around our town for them. The parents said, "Sure!" and I lined up a […]