Monthly Archives: November 2009

Making Soap 3

First you start by measuring the lye. To make soap, you’ll need a digital scale. This one probably isn’t the best. It’s very hard to read the display when we put the big pot on it. Just thought I’d share that with you, in case any of you are looking for a good digital scale. […]

Thankful, thankful, thankful 5

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away! I’ve been trying to count my blessings each day, but I thought I’d share a few with you all today. 1. God’s unconditional love 2. New mercies every day 3. A loving husband who teaches me about dedication and service […]

Strength 4

Sometimes I struggle with feeling weak. Physically I just can’t do all that I want or sometimes even need to do. When people look at me, they can’t see anything wrong. To them, I “look” healthy, but there can be quite a war going on within my body and mind even as I smile. There […]

Being Content 13

I have been thinking a lot about contentment lately. I have some friends who are going through some extremely hard times. They are people that I love and admire. And honestly, sometimes I thought they were “more blessed” than me. (Do you ever think that?) On the outside, they seemed to “have it all”, great […]