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This week’s Homeschool Minute is all about perspective.

Need help keeping things in perspective?

Check this out.

My boy is going to graduate this year. Gulp. Graduate.

I had to design a yearbook page for our homeschool co-op’s yearbook and that’s when it really set in. He won’t be coming to co-op with us next year. He won’t be going on field trips. He’ll be working or heading off to college.

We’re almost finished.

In some ways, I’m happy. I’m happy for the young man he’s become. For how responsible, hard-working, caring, trustworthy, and smart he is. For the way he thinks things through and how gifted he is at fixing things. For the work that God has done in Him despite our humble efforts and mistakes. For the fact that he still loves us even though he’s had to survive being the typical first-child guinea pig. For all that there is to look forward to in his life.

I’m happy for all of that, really I am.

But I’m a mom, and it’s a little hard too.

I’m gonna miss homeschooling the big lug, working alongside him, seeing that light bulb come on as he figures things out, and laughing over the goofiest things in our lessons sometimes. I’m going to miss talking with him all throughout the day.

And I’m so, so thankful for all of the time I’ve had with him.

For what HE has taught ME and the lessons we learned alongside each other. For the time that he’s had with his brothers. For what he’s learned as we’ve gone through good times and bad times together. For the fact that Tony has gotten the privilege of being his best friend.

All the stress over little things along the way doesn’t really matter anymore. Keep your eye on the big things. That’s what really matters.

Greetings My Neglected Blog!

I am so sorry that I haven’t been by to post on you since my trip to Bethlehem. I’ve missed you, really I have. I’ve had plenty going on and have thought of you often. I especially enjoyed reading many birthday comments left on here. Thanks for being here for me.

But alas, Christmas has come and gone, my birthday has come and gone, and I’ve even had a weekend away with the hubbie, but I still don’t have a great entry for you.

I’ll keep thinking on it and I’ll try to come up with something, really I will. I don’t want you to think that I’ve forgotten you. I definitely haven’t. I just keep having trouble gathering coherent thoughts and putting them together in something blog-worthy. (Like this stupendous piece of writing. Ha!)

Anyway, here’s a link to friend’s blog entry on With-ness. I’m so thankful for how God shows that he’s WITH us every step of the way and for Lane Ann’s reminder that good times or bad times come WITH God’s love, not apart from it.

Here’s just a little of what she shares:

"Anything I am dealing with in my life right now, whether its pain or discomfort, or insecurity or fear, or "good" or "bad" days–cannot be in my life separated from the love of God.  If nothing can separate us from God’s love (and if you’ll notice, there are some pretty big obstacles in that verse that might attempt to do so), then God’s love comes part and parcel with anything and everything He allows into our lives.  I’m so glad–the cancer I am facing and the trials you are facing would be pretty miserable and difficult to deal with if I didn’t know God’s love allowed the trial, God’s love shows me there is a purpose in the difficulty, and God’s love will never leave me abandoned here."

That entry was an encouragement to me and I pray it will be to any readers here as well. Hang in there with me, blog. I’ll be back as soon as I can.