Monthly Archives: April 2010

My Peaceful Place

Life has been crazy lately. I’ve been working a lot, struggling to keep up with things around the house, and the fibro is relentless lately.

Plus, my oldest is about to graduate. sigh…

It’s too early for me to be dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome. I’ve still got two more boys to keep our nest busy. But I’ve got to admit that it makes my heart a little tender.

So what do I do to try and find my center again when it feels like the world is spinning too fast?

I go outside. And I just look around.

And I say, "Thank you." to God. A LOT.

Even for things like a messy yard.

My beekeeper friend reminds me that those dandelions that some people work so hard to kill in their yards, are really good for the bees and have nutritional benefits too. And it makes me think of how God created each thing with a purpose and sees value in things that others disregard. And I thank him for that.

And then, I see this momma cat in the barn, tucked away with one of her kittens on a saddle pad. It’s been funny how becoming a momma has changed this cat. She’s always been very aloof and would hardly even let us touch her. But since she had the kittens, she is the sweetest thing ever. And I’m kind of in awe of how becoming a mom can change the heart of animals too.

Mary Jane hasn’t ever been a mom (and never will), but she is a pretty good babysitter. Here she is watching over the chicks and ducks while we were getting the hen house ready.  OK, she isn’t actually watching the chicks and ducks in this picture, but the duck is definitely keeping his eye on her. Which might not be such a bad idea. She’s a pretty good girl, but sometimes she gets a a little *too* interested in all of the little chirping.

But this boy dog? Oh my word, Hank is just the most gentle, gentle boy. And doesn’t he have the best smile? I think our backyard is his peaceful place too.

And while the sheep makes the yard a more peaceful place for me, secretly I think he’s always making plans for world domination or something.

Don’t let the fluff fool ya. This guy is serious.

He’s going to rule the world someday. . . as long as the horse will go along with him . . . and there’s lots of green grass. Make no doubt about it, Baab appreciates friends and food just like the rest of us. 

And this dog, she appreciates a peaceful place to lay down and rest. Even with a cage full of ducks and chicks chirping away next to her. She is an excellent rester.

I’m trying to learn from her.

God is so kind to have blessed me with this land, these animals, and a family that is willing to keep it all going for me. It’s my peaceful place and I’m thankful for how God knew what I needed even before I did.