Monthly Archives: July 2010

Thinking about James 3

Rainbow, March 09 The other day, I read a blog entry by Mark Hamby that mentioned James 4:6 – God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. That verse truly jumped out to me. I’ve read it before and had even heard Mark mention it during a recent presentation at our state CHEK […]

Homeschooling in Kentucky 2

I just posted this message to my local homeschool support group and thought I would go ahead and post the information here to help people who might be googling homeschooling in Kentucky. Christian County Schools start back August 10th. Remember that you need to send your letter of intent (notification) within two weeks of the […]

Homeschooling and Working 4

This week’s Homeschool Minute has gotten some really nice feedback. It affirmed to me that more and more moms are finding ways to make homeschooling and working outside of the home work together, and that they need encouragement that YES, it IS worth it.  If you’re working or thinking that you may need to take […]

No News Is Good News 16

Thanks for all of your sweet comments and prayers regarding my tests. It’s been weird just waiting to hear the results of them. I still haven’t gotten any official results, but the doctor’s office has told me that “no news is good news”. If the results had been bad, the doctor would have called. Otherwise […]