Monthly Archives: August 2010

FREE Ticket to Tonight’s Schoolhouse Expo 1

We have a neat opportunity to bless some people with the chance to attend tonight’s LIVE Schoolhouse Expo session with Jeannie Fulbright and Dr. Jay Wile for FREE. 6 p.m. Central – If I Could Do It Over by Jeannie Fulbright Looking back over our parenting years, don’t we all wish we could have done […]

A Story for Moms 2

Chris Klicka was one of my all-time favorite homeschool speakers and I subscribed to his Caring Bridge website to pray for him and his family as his battle with MS grew more challenging. I was blessed to hear Chris speak years ago in Indianapolis just as I was beginning to battle with fibromyalgia and God […]

Having Fun with Math 4

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” Chinese proverb My general philosophy on education is that people learn better when they are having a good time and think they are going to be able to succeed. One of my college professors called it “setting the child […]