Monthly Archives: July 2011

Lessons Learned This Week

My youngest niece with her tutu skirt. iPhone snapshot courtesy of Hannah Braboy.

  1. Crayon drawings on a lapdesk from a certain 2 year old (pictured above) are sweet reminders of a fun visit.
  2. Don’t plant hostas facing East. Those beautiful hostas that we transplanted have totally withered and need to be moved. I thought the location would be okay because they are partially shaded by the eaves of the house, but alas, I was wrong. Lesson learned. So I’m passing that little tidbit on to you all. (I learned the hard way)
  3. When the heat index is over 100, you must water your flowers every day A LOT or they will wither very quickly as well. (Also learned the hard way)
  4. Chocolate mocha handmade soap smells wonderful and feels great on your skin, but the lather is brown and will make it look like you’re bathing with mud. Ha! I’m not sure why I was surprised, but I thought I’d pass along that tidbit of info to y’all.
  5. No matter how bad things are, you can still see glimpses of gifts from God if you’re looking for them: a small gift from a neighbor, a friendly email, words of concern, a child’s laugh, a loved one reaching out. Look for the good. Here is a link to a great Bible study on how our attitude should be while Waiting on the Lord
  6. You can read E-books or download audiobooks for free from the convenience of your home or via a smartphone through many public libraries. Check with your library!
  7. Tiny Town is the new Angry Birds for my family. We’re all playing and having a great time with it. My tower is 18 stories tall now, how bout yours?
  8. The house is much quieter and more peaceful without TV, plus we’ll be saving a bunch of money each month. Should have done that sooner.
  9. Number 7 might be the reason we’re spending so much time on number 6!
  10. Smarter people than me like to argue for or against using the Oxford (serial) comma. Apparently either way is acceptable. Some notable publications prefer it, while some have eliminated using it, but the Oxford users are winning in the online preference poll. Either way it’s another fun reminder of an old debate with a friend.

Hope you all are having a great week. What have you been learning?