Monthly Archives: September 2011

Ruth Beechick & the Schoolhouse Birthday Bash 20

 Homeschooling naturally is natural. Don’t work too hard at making it artificially schoolish. -Dr. Ruth Beechick Today I am thrilled to share a few questions that I personally got to ask Ruth Beechick as part of the Schoolhouse Birthday Bash Blog Hop. Did you know that The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is officially 10 years old […]

The Homeschool Minute Hits Radio

A few weeks ago Gena shared with me that the American Family Radio wanted to begin airing some 1 minute Homeschool Minute encouragement for their listeners. We were all ecstatic and many on staff quickly began writing brief little practical tips and words of encouragement. Brief being the keyword. Like 40 seconds brief. I can […]

For My Friends New to the Area 5

Earlier this month, our homeschool group had our first official meeting of the year. The room was absolutely packed with smiling new faces. I had a lot of fun meeting them and even discovered that a few of them are bloggers! Jenn’s blog – Lora’s blog – Ragsdale Family’s blog – Now, […]

Wanna help a mom out? 7

After going through such a battle with my health and the fog that surrounded it, I’ve recently been trying to get a grasp on things again financially. My parents were great role models financially. They were always financially conservative, don’t buy anything unless you can pay cash kind of folks. Tony’s folks were the same […]