Monthly Archives: October 2011

Air purifiers? 9

Well, I went for allergy testing last week and it turns out that I have severe allergies to lots of things that go hand-in-hand with living out in the country! dogs cats dust mold weeds Ugh! We’re trying to do a thorough cleaning of the house and buying those allergy protection mattress & pillow covers, […]

I ALMOST got an alpaca once 2

As I was catching up on some bloggy reading the other day, I was absolutely touched and amazed by this entry on Smockity Frocks: And Then There Was the Time We Surprised Our Neighbor With an Alpaca for Her 80th Birthday. I just love how her daughter knew exactly what her neighbor would want, and […]

Life: Unmasked 5

My journey with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and depression has been tough. It’s like a roller coaster sometimes. At certain times, I’ll feel like I’ve found something that’s helping and that I may be on the road to finding the key to unlock my health again. But then, WHAM! Without rhyme or reason, I’m back to […]