My Time to Do What I Can

I had only discovered Sara AKA Gitzen Girl’s blog in the past year and was absolutely stunned when she passed away recently. She always wrote with such joy and life, even while dealing with a very restrictive and complicated health issue.

Since she’s been gone, her sister, Laura posts things on her blog sometimes.

Tonight she posted, Thanks for saying “yes,” Sara!.

Here’s just a bit of it:

“You gotta just try to do every thing you can, when it’s your time to do it.”

I was watching Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, who is from a small Iowa town not far from me, receive the esteemed Medal of Honor for bravery shown in active duty. Sal had told President Obama that he was just doing his job, and following advice he had gotten when he first became a soldier.

During his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, his Team Leader said to him:

“You gotta just try to do everything you can, when it’s your time to do it.”

It struck me as the most profoundly simple statement. And while I’m sure it is essential advice for a battlefield, it also occurred to me it’s advice that works in every circumstance for every person trying to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

She goes on to talk about how Mary & Joseph just did what they had to do when Jesus was born. They had no idea what all would lie ahead for him. They were humble people just doing the best they could at the time. But God used them, and He can use each of us too!

Sara was so wise and encouraging. She ended with a challenge to all of us.

But this year, I’m wondering how I can be more like Mary and Joseph. How I can do everything I can… now… when it’s my time to do it.

Will you take that challenge with me? Will you look beyond the celebrations and the wrappings and the carols we hum as we busy about our lives – and pay close attention to the little details in the lives of those around you?

Because you never know when it may be your time to do everything you can.

It reminds me of the saying, “Whereever you are, be all there.” Sara’s entry was an encouragement to me and I hope it will be to you as well.

Merry Christmas, Friends!


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