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Anxiety, Much? 2

Let me say this first: Life is tough, but God is good. Some people think if you just ignore the hard things or focus enough on the positive things, that things will get¬†proportionately easier. My experience? Not so much. They DO help, but sometimes you’re just dealing with really hard stuff. Stuff that people don’t […]

Great Deals on Movies & DVDs at Amazon Today!

Oh, Amazon, Amazon, how I love thee, Amazon.¬† I haven’t been able to get out much/any to do any shopping yet this Christmas, but I’ve been very happy with the prices that I’ve found on things through Amazon. Most of them have been even lower than prices that I saw in store flyers AND they […]

You’re not the only one. 5

Lots of my friends went out Black Friday shopping. Some for the thrill of shopping and having an adventure with friends and family. Others because they wanted to save big money on a certain item. I stayed home. I don’t have my gift list made yet and no matter how big the sale is, I […]