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The Handbook of Vintage Remedies 5

The Handbook of Vintage Remedies by Jessie Hawkins, MH This 270 page handbook is cram-packed with natural remedies for everything from ADHD to yeast infections. Written and organized in user-friendly style, you’re sure to find yourself thumbing through it time and time again as you take care of yourself and your family. Wondering what […]

What I’m Reading 2

A friend just loaned me an awesome book, The Duggars: Twenty and Counting. I have been just totally enjoying it. It may be one that I decide to buy a copy for myself just to be able to refer back to it at times. It’s just so full of encouraging information! Here’s part of the […]

Product Review: Leahy Live DVD 1

Leahy Live DVDLeahy Lotos Nile Media 615-298-1144 P.O. Box 23050Nashville, TN 37202-3050 This wonderful DVD of the Leahy Public Television Special on WLIW New York is outstanding! Leahy is a Canadian Irish family of 8 musical brothers and sisters who have been playing music their entire lives. Now adults, the Leahy family is absolutely […]

Product Review: Baby Kong 4

A homeschool author mailed me a copy of his book and asked if I'd be willing to look at it and share about it with you all so being one who always enjoys a good book, I was happy to oblige. So without further ado… <a href=”” title=”Photo Sharing”><img src=”” width=”177″ height=”200″ alt=”baby_kong” /></a> Baby […]