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Feeling a little weary? 1

If you could be totally open about homeschooling right now, what would you say? I know for many of us, midwinter is a really tough time. You might feel weary. Like you’re just in survival mode and running on empty. It just seems really difficult to get back into the swing of things after Christmas. […]

Schoolhouse Expo: Day 5 2

Cindy wrote an excellent review of our final day at the Expo. Here are just a few of my own highlights: Deb Wuehler did a wonderful job talking about how God meets all of our needs using Scripture. She even had a beautiful chart that had a Scripture showing how He meets different needs. You […]

Schoolhouse Expo: Day 3 3

Well it felt like a bit of a wild and wacky Wednesday as we got things started for the Schoolhouse Expo today. Our first speaker of the day usually logs in about 15 minutes early just so we can do the sound check, but because of some time zone confusion our speaker had mixed up […]

Schoolhouse Expo: Day 2

We had so much fun with the Expo on Monday that Sharra and I just had to laugh. We started snapping pictures of our rooms where we set up to do the Expo. Here we have this fabulous group of speakers and hundreds of people logging in to listen and we’re running this thing from […]