That Crazy Cat

Meet Fluff-n-Stuff!

Remember my old category, That Crazy Cat? Well, it’s been a bit empty. Our beloved George just disappeared a few months ago and even though we hoped that he would return, it’s starting to look pretty doubtful. I offered to swap Julie some guineas for her cat, Fred, but I don’t think she’ll go for it.

We’ve got other cats of course, but they’ve been kind of aloof outside kitties. That is until Fluff came along.

Fluff showed up right when our momma cats had litters of kittens, but he just wandered up as a stray all by himself.  We just couldn’t turn away this ragamuffin little fluffy boy kitten with the big green eyes.

He’s kind of funny because he’s such a pretty cat, but he’s still learning how to groom himself and he can get pretty messy sometimes. And he definitely loves being outside. He curls up with the animals, catches mice and plays with them, and will follow the kids in the yard like a puppy.

But when we let him in, oh my word. This cat just konks out asleep whereever you put him.

Jon found him sleeping on our end table last night.

I guess Tony was hogging the couch.

Maybe I’ll start having some new entries for That Crazy Cat again after all!

Where’s George?

I decided to start a new category on my blog called "Where’s George?" otherwise known as That Crazy Cat. We seem to always be finding George curled up sleeping in the funniest places.  For instance last night, we heard a sound outside and were standing there shining our spotlight around  to see what it was. We saw a cat in our barn, but knew it wasn’t any of ours. The kittens all sleep in the garage at night and George generally sleeps in the house. But it was so funny. We turn around and there in our laundry basket is George.. all curled up IN the laundry – yawning. Not just on top of it mind you, but literally IN the laundry. He is such a mess! No telling where he will show up next.

What’s on my desk….

I’ve seen some of those question and answer things where people describe what is on their desk.

Well I’ve got the picture for you.

<a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="George in basket" /></a>

Do you think he needs a bigger basket?