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The Homeschool Minute Hits Radio

A few weeks ago Gena shared with me that the American Family Radio wanted to begin airing some 1 minute Homeschool Minute encouragement for their listeners. We were all ecstatic and many on staff quickly began writing brief little practical tips and words of encouragement. Brief being the keyword. Like 40 seconds brief. I can barely say, “Hello” in that amount of time.

Anyway, Gena prayed, practiced her best radio voice, and went for a recording session. Want to hear how they turned out?

Find more encouragement like this on The Homeschool Channel

I feel like a proud parent, y’all. I think these sound wonderful and will be a blessing to homeschoolers who just happen to be listening or for people who might even just be considering homeschooling.

I don’t know what time of day they air, but they are going to put the recordings on bottom of the front page of The Homeschool Channel after they air each one, so you can listen to them there. Or I’m wondering if this little embedded player on my blog is going to update as they add new ones. We’ll see I guess.

Just wanted to share the exciting news!


FREE Ticket to Tonight’s Schoolhouse Expo

We have a neat opportunity to bless some people with the chance to attend tonight’s LIVE Schoolhouse Expo session with Jeannie Fulbright and Dr. Jay Wile for FREE.

6 p.m. Central – If I Could Do It Over by Jeannie Fulbright

Looking back over our parenting years, don’t we all wish we could have done some things differently? What if someone could give you advice that could help you avoid some big mistakes? Interested?

In this presentation, Jeannie shares her greatest homeschooling mistakes in the hope that it will save you from making those mistakes yourself. She’ll discuss curriculum decisions, dealing with behavior, learning disabilities, sibling issues, and having the right intentions but the wrong focus and being consumed with an avalanche of negative emotions, such as anger, irritability, anxiety, and fear of failure-all brought on by lies she had believed. Jeannie will share stories of the consequences she faced, as well as how our merciful God was able to redeem the years the locusts had eaten and guide her into a vibrant, joyful, and successful homeschool experience.

7 p.m. Central – Be Open-Minded, but Don’t Let Your Brain Fall Out! by Dr. Jay Wile

One of the most important steps in critical thinking is to look at all sides of an issue. It is very easy to get trapped by false ideas if you continue to look at an issue from only one side. At the same time, however, it can be uncomfortable (and sometimes dangerous) to read the viewpoints of those with whom we disagree.

How does a Christian deal with this tension? Dr. Wile first discusses why it is so important to look at an issue from many different sides, and then he explains how to avoid the pitfalls that could result from a failure to do so. Those who are interested in serious investigations of theological, scientific, or political issues should definitely hear this lecture.

Just enter THISĀ  CONTEST on the HomeschoolBlogger Front Porch if you can enter tonight’s session between 6-8 p.m. Central.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

A great price AND 10 bonus gifts!

I just saw a coupon code on the TOS Facebook page and thought I’d pass it along in case any of you missed it. If you order a one-year US print subscription before midnight, Friday, October 30th, and use coupon code 10GIFTS, you can get the sub for $7.95 AND pick 10 free gifts from their Fall special. Just click HERE for all the details.

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Here are the options:

Plus, if you subscribe now, your subscription will start with the Winter issue (pictured above). I’ve got an article in this issue about the benefits of sunshine and good ol’ Vitamin D! I hope you all like it. After taking a break for a few issues, I’m a little nervous. :O)

Win $25 to the Schoolhouse Store!

Tia has a great contest going on the Front Porch. You don’t even have to be a blogger to enter. Just leave her a comment telling her what you love about TOS or what you’d like to see covered in the magazine to enter. You can also get an extra entry just for sharing the info about the TOS Digital Magazine Special with your friends!

Just click here for the details. Be sure to leave an email addy so Tia can contact you if you win.

And don’t miss your chance to subscribe to the digital and get all FIVE of the free E-Books. I downloaded all of them and I’m just thrilled that our marketing team can find so many wonderful companies to share their E-Books with our subscribers!

12 Days of Christmas Unit Study Ebook – FREE!

I mentioned in this week’s THM about how TOS subscribers could get the 12 Days of Christmas Unit Study from Hands of a Child for free in this month’s Teacher’s Toolbox.

And right in the newsletter I linked to the Teacher’s Toolbox which includes the download. But apparently email programs and ISP’s are fickle, fickle tools and some of them block the links! I’ve gotten a handful or so of emails from people asking about it so I figure that I’d share the info here as well.

Sometimes I think that our monthly freebies in the Teacher’s Toolbox are some of our best kept secrets. Homeschool moms are busy and sometimes they just delete stuff from their inbox not even realizing that there is a WHOLE FREE UNIT STUDY in there, plus lots of other helpful tips. The print version of the 12 Days of Christmas Project Pack actually sells for $16.00 in the Schoolhouse Store! This isn’t just a sample of a few pages. It’s the WHOLE ebook that the folks at Hands of a Child are just kind enough to share this project pack in ebook form with our TOS Magazine subscribers.

So just in case you’re one of my blog readers and you missed it in THM this week, let me just share again the link to this month’s Teacher’s Toolbox. You usually don’t get this link unless you’re a TOS subscriber, but it had some great Christmas ideas in it that I wanted to share with you all.

So once you get to the Teacher’s Toolbox, just scroll to the bottom to where it says download this month’s freebie by clicking here.

Once you get to the download page, you’ll just need to enter your phone number to verify that you are a TOS subscriber. If you run into any trouble, you can always email and one of our friendly ladies will be happy to help!

I hope you all get to enjoy this great unit study. If you try it out, I’d love to hear what you think about it and what you think about our Teacher’s Toolbox. I’m always looking for good testimonials and for people to spread the word. Feel free to grab the ebook cover above and share with people how TOS subscribers can download the 12 Days of Christmas Unit Study E-Book.