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Ruth Beechick & the Schoolhouse Birthday Bash 20

 Homeschooling naturally is natural. Don’t work too hard at making it artificially schoolish. -Dr. Ruth Beechick Today I am thrilled to share a few questions that I personally got to ask Ruth Beechick as part of the Schoolhouse Birthday Bash Blog Hop. Did you know that The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is officially 10 years old […]

Here, There, and Everywhere 3

Oh my, I was on a good roll with blogging and then all of a sudden, BAM, I got a little busy and now it’s been almost a month since I last posted. Yikes. The truth of it is that with my fibro, I only have SO much energy and when I focus on other […]

Schoolhouse Expo: Day 3 3

Well it felt like a bit of a wild and wacky Wednesday as we got things started for the Schoolhouse Expo today. Our first speaker of the day usually logs in about 15 minutes early just so we can do the sound check, but because of some time zone confusion our speaker had mixed up […]